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Funny sexist image...

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I thought it was funny. I don understand max's reply. lezlie, is that your pic? you're hot. and just my type. werent you concerned about what kind of response you would get putting your pic up on a forum like this? you know you're goodlooking, you dontmind.


I was struck for a minute when I first saw the number... at 50k... was just sort of amazed as news reported higher numbers... what is it, like 125k ? last I checked... I must be twisted, photo didnt move me at all.


I wonder if an enlightened taoist would be cold and unmoved? certainly, if you actually believe in any of the philosophy. especially hindu's, possibly buddhists. I am so curious to see how people react to such a thing... personally Im rather unmoved... If I wasnt in training I would volunteer to go over. not that I am compassionate.. becuase I'm not.



I feel like an asshole. I should delete this and not post, but I am curious how anyone would respond to it. I am just in a really weird mood.

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