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Conclusion(s): ALTA 709 - Part Five :- 3/Three Treasures,

Bad Bread

In these times of troubles, it pays to know where to find your SOCs (self

organizing collectives). The issue for all to consider is that by their nature SOCs

are composed of humans, and humans are strange critters. The very core of our

being is emotional reaction to manifesting circumstances, and it is this core

(reputedly) that the space-aliens/NotFromHereBeings seek to control. Well,

best of luck to them, as we humans know ourselves just how difficult it is to

control our emotions. It is also quite apparent that most humans do not realize

the [power] that is inherent in emotion. It is the *primary* source of all human

energies at all (including hyperdimensional) levels. The historical evidence

provides that humans who do learn to control their emotional energy such as

sifu John Chang convert themselves into what is best described as a

[penultimate human]. That is to say, the ethical risks taken by such humans as

John Chang, themselves are part of the transformative process. But it all begins

and ends in the power of human emotion. This is to say, emotion, as a


manifesting wave in universe, capable of altering the continuous creation

process that is its own well spring. And helping the aware fellow to drive a

chopstick through a table, or shoot chi-electricity into people....

Most humans are in pretty much constant denial about their emotional state(s),

and those who are examining/self-analytical will fall into one of 2/two broad

categories; either they are suffering through the emotions, which is to say that

they have their daily lives repeatedly affected by emotions experienced in the

past; or they are in the infinitely smaller sub set that actively seeks to 'process'

through their emotional luggage. In this latter group, the vast majority of its

members are also 'stuck' at some point in their processing of emotional luggage.

And this is but one of the plethora of challenges which confront our SOCs each

day. We need to note that throughout history many SOCs are also [self

destroying] as they end up with a toxic mix of personalities. And we note that

frequently the humans with the most toxic potential are those with the stronger

response to emotional stimuli. Soooo.... may be appropriate to consider that

most SOCs will require a sifu/teacher capable of providing instruction to the

powerful, yet un-disciplined, un-trained emotively active human [resources]

within the SOC. Personally, I favor the idea of my SOC being self disciplining

at the component level. So to aid SOCs everywhere, please note the following

criteria for a good sifu/ comes from one of the best:

These 3/three treasures I guard, [love], [contentment], and [humility].

As Lao Tzu notes, only the loving can be courageous, only those

who are content can be magnanimous, and only the humble have the

authority from universe to lead.

Decades ago, at the beginning of the last half of the mini-political/social cycle

of the 60/70's which is echoing now in many of the themes/memes of the times,

I had a thought to master bread making. A simple task, or so my uneducated

mind thought, composed mostly of making a whole lot of bad bread, until the

'skill' should somehow transfer itself to my hands/brain, and good bread would

result. Well, needless to say, it did not work that way. Oh, yes, vast quantities of

bad bread was indeed produced, and sampled, then given away to any unwary

species passing the door, but rarely did good bread result. At some point in the

process of 'mastery', it occurred to my naive mind that perhaps producing, and

tasting lots of bad bread was not enough, and that I needed to become a

'conscious bread baker' where the whole of the process was first within the

mind, then within the materials, and finally within the bad bread. That led to the

process of analysis of *what* made the bread bad. This approached worked,

and over time, the good bread began to supplant the bad bread, until one day it

became obvious that I would have to work at it to produce bad bread again.

Then I moved onto pies, and specifically pie crusts. The point of it all is that

when one sets out to produce bad bread, one ultimately adopts the proper


attitude about the bad bread, and thereafter good bread results. Failure to

cultivate the proper mental bread(s) will always continue to produce yet more

bad bread.

Our current problem, that is to say, the whole global economic fizzle-out or

implosion, is not that we have bad bread, but rather that the nature of the

badness of the bread is unexamined, at a social collective level. Even worse, we

(most humans) are not consciously participating in the examination of the bad

bread, and are merely being asked to eat it. This explains the sour looks on

everyone face as a whole planet of bad bread is produced for consumption. Not

a good time to be an eater. This brings us to the point of it all, how to find your

own good bread to eat, while avoiding all the bad bread out and about.

To avoid eating bad bread, the first step is to examine the baker...not their

appearance, nor even their words, but the qualities of their consciousness as

bread bakers which *will* be exhibited within the totality of their life.

Amazingly, it seems that all around are fractals. Not only at the meta life level

of time, but also within our own lives, within the patterns which populate our

hours, and either are masters of our destiny, or tools of our character

development (bread baking). Sooooo... the point of it all is to note that *none*

of the bread bakers out there dealing with the whole bad bread/dead dollar

problem have the conscious soul of a good bread baker, and as a result, all that

we will get from this crowd will be yet more and more bad bread.

Or as many have observed much more succinctly, "the thinking that got us into

this mess, will *not* be the thinking that gets us out".

Or as they say in the south, "you just can't dig your way out of a hole".

Oh, and please note, as long as the politicians keep digging, they won't discover

that they are in the hole.

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