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Tea with Dragons

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Hey all. Its me again. Thanks for the posts those who did. I am already rewarded to be interacting with like minded fellows. I hope that this frank, sincere and robust dialogue will benefit us all and all sentient beings.


The Dragons i speak of are many and in many forms. Literally and physically and viscerally. One of the main attractions on my tours are Saltwater Crocodiles! Totally awesome beings. Very much in tune with nature and the river. I love all reptiles. They are so close to the Earth Mother - touching her and sensing her constantly. And they worship the Father Sun every moment of their life. And they are like portions of the River oozing and morphing from solid to fluid and back. As Sifu Bruce said:"Water can crash and water can flow..."


Also I am born in the year of the Dragon [1964]. It is perhaps a difficult consciussness to occupy, and certainly at times the wildness of it overtakes me. Anbd ,to be honest , sometimes the darkness of it and the anger and beings trampling our domain and our consciousness trobles me. Undoubtedly those closest to me sometimes bear the brunt of my frustrations. But I try to honour what is best about Dragons as much as I can.


And of course there is Dragon energy emanating from the landscape and permeating the ether. The Daintree is such a dynamic and potent place. Of course, as all us bums know; the entirety of nature is potent and is a resource latent and immanent...


To Drumr. Thanks for your interest. I too am fond of "Art of War" and "Book of Five Rings". I am a bookworm and a lover of fine thinking. I have also the story of Musashi [Eiji Yoshikawa}, various works by D.T Suzuki, and poems by Basho and Ryokan etc. The fusion of Taoism and Buddhism in China and its further development in Japan and Tibet are of critical importance to me. The journey of the doctrine and the consciousness through time and space are commensurate with the journey of the individual and collective consciousness.


In astrophysics we say:"We are stardust". In deep ecology we say:"We are the rocks dancing". In Taoism we say:"See but one in all things..." In spirituality:"In so far as I am unlike God, I am unlike myself".


I could go on. I probably will. Try and stop me. I personally am very conscious of the need to study. To study widely, to absorb what is useful, to discard what is useless. And at all times in any posts I make, I acknowledge the thoughts and deeds of the great sages and mystics on whose shoulders we stand as we reach ever higher and look ever deeper into the heart of time and space itself.


Long live the Tao.

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