The beverages of the Chinese; Kung-fu; or, Taoist medical gymnastics

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i beat everyone to it by posting it friday.... hahaha


there is a link to the pdf version with just the daoyin and a full version of the text with other essays


from here:


at sacred texts


and here is the pdf you can download



or i found a pdf of the entire text

including other essays







and mjjbecker uploaded the full text to rapidshare

here is his post form the other thread...


from here


I've uploaded it to Rapidshare also, (full colour PDF version), to ease some of the burden on the other sites servers:





just thought i would put all the links together on one thread- so people can find what they need....



has anyone learned the daoyin for the 24 seasons from a teacher-

is this tradition still alive?


i know there is translation of this and other materials

"ancient way to keep fit"

by shelter publications..




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