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I wouldn't want anyone to get the idea that I think of myself as a master, by the handle, I impulsively blurted out when i signed up here.(it is actually embarrassing) I am just another person discussing my own experiences and understandings of what I feel and think is the path I have traveled and am still traveling, or obviously I would not even be here.

I am not looking for confirmation for what I am saying ,nor accolodes for what I do share. I am not looking for followers of my ideas and concepts, i share mainly to allow myself to see my thoughts out infront of me vulnerabilbly in the open and not hidden away in some dark corner of my mind creating an illusion. I will know that way if it is just bullshit pretence attempting simply to be impressive, or my own personal truth.

As I have shared numerous times since I arrived here I don't believe in masters, teachers , gurus or whodunits.

That doesn't mean I feel you shouldn't go where your own personal path leads you.

That doesn't mean I have not experienced what I thought at the time were masters, teachers, and gurus taught me For me personally they were all dead ends leading always back to me. That I was disappointed when they weren't what I thought they would be in the end,yes, it always led to mistrust, isolation and depression.

Rising time and time again from the ashes, I moved on, to the next and the next, until finally I realized none of them and no one else, could lead me to my truth, or guide my path.

That is how I arrived at my own conclusion Nature is the only trustworthy teacher .

What happens for me when I join in or start anew discussion, I am going back or forward to let go of some things I clung to in other lifetimes so I can let them go

When I have finally relieved myself of all these past comprehensions and futuristic daydreams I will have arrived at my destination. I will know when it is time to move on.

(has it been only 5 days since I got here, it seems much longer)

Joe (that is metoo not metzu)

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