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Hi everyone, that was just a fast post to test as there seemed to be some problem posting, but it turned out OK.


I'll now properly introduce myself :-)


I'm a student of western literature. I've been doing yoga for about 3 and a half years now. I'm planning to become a yoga teacher after my studies. After some time doing yoga I got interested in the fact that with it, I have some degree of control over my amount of energy and fitness and general emotional state. I wanted to know more about that, so I started reading up on literature based on the hindu knowledge of chakras, prana and meditation. After that, I also read the bhagavad gita as I was interested in the concept of the 3 gunas (3 sort of elemental 'resources' or properties that are in all life and matter) and the religion itself.


Recently I've meditated each day for about half a year, I've just started again after a break due to circumstances. I've become interested in some systems of knowledge about 'the inner workings of man', you could say. The mind, prana or chi and knowledge concerning enlightenment. Taoism or 'applied taoism' also falls in this field, so that's why I'm here, in order to learn more. I ended up reading from this forum before at times when I looked things up on the net, so I figured I should go and join.


As to religion, I was raised a catholic but out of my own choice I'm now syncretist. I don't do much with my catholic background anymore, but I'm very interested in hinduism, buddhism and taoism. I feel I need a religion that's active and not theoretical or merely a moral framework. I feel I need to 'live' my religion. Also syncretism is a bit of an ideological choice for me. I think it's good for people to have more than one religion, as that lowers the chances of polarisation between cultural groups.


That's about all that's relevant I can think of to start with. If there's anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask.




I forgot to mention I did some martial arts in the past, the one I did longest and liked most was jujutsu. I haven't been able to do it for years now, due to circumstances like work and my week planning and injuries. Right now I have a certain persistent injury but when I recover from that I hope I can do jujutsu again.





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