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Any bums in Shiyan/Wudang area?

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I've been wanting to be more active on this site, and talk to more people (learn things from some, socialize with others, and maybe brain dump and vent now and then as the spirit moves me, etc.) but for the last 6 weeks I've been doing planes trains and automobiles across South Asia, waiting to get a new Visa to get back into China.


Anyway, I just rucked up to the apartment in Shiyan a few hours ago.


Was wondering if any bums are at Wudang or in the general area?


I'm here for the next 2 years, at least and I'm not training at Master Yuans school, which is where I think most of the foreigners go (and it seems like a great school just not where I'm at), so I would like to get a better idea of who's out there.


Just interested in pinging out to anybody in the area who might read the site . . . Laowai or Chinese national.





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