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hi everyone,


i have been lurking here for about a year and a half, and i think this is the greatest discussion forum around. there is a great wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom here.


my primary practice for the past year of two has been a form of vipassana as taught by daniel ingram (whose book, "mastering the core teachings of the buddha," available for free online, i cant recommend highly enough to anyone interested in these subjects). im happy to say that i this practice has led me to some fundamental realization. now i have recently begun the kunlun, and its fantastic.


i have also dabbled with western magick, tai chi, aikido, a million little things.


i am beginning a four year course of study in classical chinese medicine (at the NCNM). As part of this program i will practicing two traditions of chi gong - emei sage, and another whose name i cant remember right now, but im just begining, so i dont have anything to say about them yet.



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