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I'm a cultural Muslim and a student of Theravada Buddhism, but I'm also interested in learning more about Taoism. :P


Nice to meet you all. _/\_


[edit] I have a few questions about Taoism:


1) Do Taoists believe in karma and rebirth?

2) If so, are they understood differently compared to Buddhism?

3) What forms of meditation do Taoists practice?

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Do taoists believe in karma and rebirth?


Yes both. It is not always called by the buddhist names though.


My understanding of karma is as follows


Karma is a decision you make unconsciously

Enlightenment is a decision you make consciously


Karma is fear

Enlightenment is love


As for the what goes around comes around aspect of karma


It is usually called law of attraction or manifesting. Basically you are the scource of the universe. The entire universe is a reflection of your mind. Everything you could ever imagine manifesting is inside of you. The negativity that has manifested in your life comes from the shadow or Fear. Love dissolves fear.


Generally a taoist would not try to accumulate good karma or bad karma but to transcend the world of karma. Taoism teaches that enlightenment is available within this lifetime.


Forms of meditation

Taoists practice many

Internal martial arts. Use chi to punch people really hard!!

Chi kung (qigong) chi or breath exercise for martial arts, healing or enlightenment

Nei kung (neigong) internal exercise usually a more advanced version of chi kung

awareness meditation.

taoist yoga -i dont know too much about this actually

mantra meditation


Chi kung is probably the most widely practiced of the above types.

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