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question on breathing & movement of energy

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I wonder what your experiences are about this...


do you feel that energy tends to move according to breathing or that it is only intent in the end that does the movement.


What I mean is: there are several Qi Gong types out there basically doing the same but using a different breathing OR a different visualization pattern.


But I wonder if the breathing itself does "prefer" a certain way...


like: breathing in while pushing the belly out.


Does this "produce" a "suction" for the energy to enter the abdominal Tan Tien area?


(Winn in his ocean breathing visualizes the energy expanding from the abdomen while inhaling, while it is retreating into the abdomen while exhaling...


In Spring Forest Qi Gong there is a similar QiGong to Ocean breathing but here the energy is visualized to concentrate in the abdominal Tan Tien area while the arms move to the side & one inhales doing reversal breathing, while it is viewed to exand when the hands come towards each other, one exhales and the abdomen relaxes...)



Same with the big draw. I always wondered if the energy prefers a certain way of moving while breathing.


So: do you feel it "wants" to rise upwards while inhaling or while exhaling, or doesn't it matter?


just curious



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