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Jing Attiig

When you were born...

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When you were born you had no clothes, no food, no toys, no views, no opinions, no beliefs.


Then you were given food, which you used to survive, but you were not your food.


Then you were given clothes to protect and keep you warm, but you were not your clothes either.


Then, as you grew a little, you were given toys to play with, but you were certainly not your toys.


As you grew a little more you were given views, and opinions, and beliefs, but you were certainly not those either.


Now, when you outgrew your clothes, you got rid of them, and when you outgrew your toys, you got rid of them too.


Have you still got your views, your opinions, your beliefs?


Do you still think they are you?


Why have you held onto these things, and why do you think these things are you?


These things were given to you by external sources, family, society, education etc, and yet you hold onto them as if they were your very existence.



If i offer you some sweets, and you refuse them, i must keep them for myself, you have nothing to do with them.


It is no different with views, and opinions, and beliefs, but you held onto them in your early childhood, an act you have not yet ceased.


When you were born, did you have your body? Were you your body then, if so what are you now? It certainly looks like a different body. It certainly feels like a different body. Is it the same one?


Or were you that which was aware of your body, as you are aware of your thoughts?


Do you have your thoughts, are they you? Or are you that which is aware of your thoughts?


Are they even your thoughts?


You are the awareness that is aware of all these things. I am the awareness that is aware of all these things.


That which never changes, that which never dies, that which is always there.


That which is AWARE of ALL-THAT-THERE-IS.


You and I are ONE, that ONE which is TAO.



So, now that you know this, were you ever even born?

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