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Why kunlun level one is different from embracing the tree?

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I finally got my copy of the second book last night. I've spent a couple hours practicing since.


It is very nice. :)


Though, I wonder why the kunlun posture is different from simply embracing the tree.

I feel like it lies in the fact that A) you're sitting, and thus can hold the posture for an hour much more easily, B) your heels are raised to block and trap energy into your body, and C) the hand position probably induces a strong effect on the front channel.


I remember that it was advised against doing tai chi with heels raised just for this reason. It is nice to see this utilized for good, though...


though... I am wondering about doing a low-stance embracing-the-tree posture with heels raised. I suspect that this could be considered just as potent, if not more powerful, than the kunlun level one posture.


I did, though, get very good results from just a couple hours of practice. ...Though, I am hesitant to say 'kunlun did it', and attribute the benefits just from the qi-cultivation. (I know, and I am always feeling guilty about it, that my practice has been severly lacking in external qigong and standing posture for qi-cultivation. Up to this point, I have only been doing jing and shen cultivation.......which is probably why I am not so good as I could be....)


I am going to experiemtn with low, heels-raised embracing the tree postures, and then continue with the kunlun level 2 form.


any comments? advice or suggestions? -maybe an explanation why the kunlun posture is specifically important before moving on to kunlun level 2 form?

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the kunlun level 1 posture is to stimulate the spontaneous state. this clears your body of blocks. kunlun level 2 builds on the energy you accumulate from level 1. whan you start level 2 you should place it right after your level 1 practice with no breaks in between



kunlun level 1 1 hour

level 2 6 reps on each side

20 min shutdown


youve got the new book right. you should be practicing golden flower. it sounds like someting you would be interested in. i place it after kunlun but before the shutdown.


you should wait for 6 months to do level 2. become independent of enlightenment. stop running after it and make it come to you. god can run very fast. dont underestimate her.

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