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Some Say This is Best Cartoon of the Last 8 Years

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Well we all know that all presidents and leaders are puppets of greed driven buSINess people don't we? I'm not going to say I believe in the illuminati but we do know, as a fact, that many buSINess people are members of masonic groups. They like to be seen as very charitable and good although I think they're power pissed ego maniacs. So yes there are pentagrams and other symbols in Washington's street plan just as there are in many cities around the world. This simply means that there's people out there that think they're clever. Maybe their intentions were good but they've simply created a beast.


I suppose at the end of the day greed and power are just like siddhis. Hmm remember Jesus being tempted by the devil? I fucking so dislike buSINess people.

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