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NASA confirms water on mars

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I just love how the US gov plays dumb...


Fact is, they've already been to Mars via jumprooms and used it as a galactic basecamp.

The first Martian landing by the NSA 'black government' was in March 1959, when three craft were sent to the Cydonia region. Only 29 military and scientific personnel went on this first mission. The 'fortress' area housed the craft and the workers while Eve was being reopened with the assistance of the Greys. The construction that was done was performed by the same groups that had done construction on the moon, the Army Corps of Engineers, Bechtel, A.A. Matthews, Robbins Corporation, Psi Corps, and scientists and engineers from JPL.


All of the personnel in this project had no families to worry about them, and all records on their existence, except for personal memories of people on earth, have been wiped clean by the NSA Ultra and Blue Moon units (Alpha I and II), who recruited personnel for this mission. All this was done on the premise that the Earth was going to self-destruct due to pollution, population and disappearing natural resources. The bases were completed in 1968. The Andromedans have said that the 'black government' would do anything to maintain secrecy on this matter.


In March of 1989, thirty years to the month of the landing on Mars, a group of Orion and Draconian forces invaded the Martian colonies and all communication between the moon bases and Mars ceased. Some of the greatest talent and minds are stuck on Mars. Three hundred thousand humans out of communication.


The American and Russian Mars probes were sent, subsequently, to see what they could observe on Mars, and they were destroyed or taken out of action from the surface of Mars.

Alternative Three - to build a "transfer station" on the backside of the Moon, build an underground base on Mars and remove a certain limited "Noah's Ark" cross section of Earth's population, artists, scientists, engineers, writers, etc., to Mars as a survival colony in the event of "catastrophy" on Earth.
SURFING: In the Mars Records you mention two specific groups of "aliens," The Greys and The Reptilians. Can you tell me more about these groups and what their connection to the US Military is?


MICHAEL: I can recall that they work together with certain groups within the shadow government. The greys seem to be technicians or doctors, always doing something to someone. Neutral toward the subject. The reptilians seem ill tempered and we have had more than a few psychic attacks from some of them.


MICHAEL: The Mars Base project accomplishes that mission objective, however with the jump gate technology that is utilized by this group, colonization of other planets in other star systems is a reality. During one of the sessions I came to "know" that the mars base is a jumping off point to other bases on other planets and that it is used because of the electronic "interference" here on earth to too great to use that technology effectively.


Mars Base is not a survival colony. It is composed of several large installations located at different points around the planet


SURFING: It seems as if there are actually TWO governments at work here. One that we the public are told of and that operates close to what we as the public know as our current technological level of achievement. Then there seems to be a second "shadow" government that works at a much higher and secretive level. It also appears that these two government factions are either unaware of each other, or are at battle with each other. Is this perception correct? Do you have anything to add to this?


MICHAEL: This is pretty much my conclusion, however there is some overlap in their operations, what with them keeping me under "watch" since childhood as well as the way I was "recruited" from training in Great Lakes, Illinois.


MICHAEL: It is interesting that the Bible describes a serpent like creature talking to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. In addition, many societies have stories of snake or reptile like creatures and in fact these creatures demanded worship and sacrifice from those societies

So, they've already known that there's water, ancient bases and freaking aliens there, lol! Edited by vortex

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