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Describe Life.

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I believe 'Life' is a force.


Like we have gravity and always have done, we have Life.

Like we have the universe and always have done, we have Life.


I believe 'Life' and 'Matter' are separate.

But just as fire needs air, Life on this planned needs matter to manifest.


It could just be this dimension / realm / place that we find ourselves in, but wherever we are (the physical world) - Life needs matter to flourish.


All life is equal, as Life is simply - Life.

I am no different to a butterfly carried by the wind - we are one and the same - Life.


Life is a force that is intertwined with this universe, and our physical world that we live in is but a tiny part of the infiniteness of everything.

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This from about twenty years ago:


The echoes of silence,

The chimes of immortality,

Ringing through the seasons of my life.


A child looking out to sea,

A myriad forms dancing on the waves of eternity,

How I wish I could see you, you dance so beautifully,

But I'm too thoughtful,

And there's dust in my eyes the size of stars.


But who can I be but me or am I you,

Like a blossom on the tree of diamond dream reality's.


These are more recent:


Say you mourn for that which was lost,

Feel the stars within and hold them tight,

Forget the moment that was fleeting,

Stay for a while longer.


Memories and dancing,

Take a picture for your scrapbook,

There will always be another page,

Turn and turn again.


Sleep within that love,

Keep it safe,

And forget not love,

For it is eternal.




Silent moment

Empty pool

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