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A foundation set of Taoist Yoga or Dao Yin by my fellow disciple - Yuko Kon -


Tao Yoga 12


We use this set of 12 exercises as a foundation training set.


It works to lengthen the tendons, open the joints, develop flexibility, stamina, massage the internal organs, regulate the breath, open the channels, circulate qi naturally, and begin to awaken the Dan Tian.


Very basic set, but it can give you a lot if you really practice it.


We have another set we train that is 24 exercises, and has a lot more demanding movements, stretches and stamina building exercises.


It is a kind of Ji Bin Gong - or basic skill developing exercise.


One note: We only performed a few movements of each exercise due to time limitations.


Each exercise should be done 9 / 18 / or 36 times each.


On breathing.


Do not hold the breath when doing these exercises.


Breath deeply and full and draw the inhalation and exhalation from the Dan Tian or lower abdomen.


Generally you can inhale as you rise up, and exahale as you bend down - generally -


As you practice more, forget about breathing, and let the movement and yourself become one with the surrounding nature.


Here are the exercises listed 1 - 4


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Ms. Yuko Kon is a fellow disciple of my Taoist Master in China, and when she is not studying in China, she teaches at her / our small school in Kamakura, Japan www.taoyoga.jp

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This is great, really elegant stuff, Found it really helpfull, I have a little hip and knee trouble and this seemed to go really easy while allowing some real nice and generous movement.

I'm just left a little lost after the first eight peices as the next clip has been removed from u-tube, does any body have any idea where it can be found.


Thanks in advance ,,



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