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Guest winpro07

Living in the heart, finding freedom

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Guest winpro07

KunLun is an ocean of change


I got hit by a next bigger wave a week ago, and find my self in the heart, or middle dan tien? -all of the time, or at least always accessible as soul to that location. I find my self living with the after affects of a long life of very negative mind, and emotions un resolved. The after effect is my bodies poor condition from the weight off all that old emotion. I don't believe there is really old stuff is left -its just after effect. I feel totally hollow as my body, and very full (sometimes too full) of energy as my energy body self. I feel a need to intigrate the two, as my physical body needs healing.


Am i supposed to be so empty?


How do I heal my physical body?


Is my phyiscal body coming up to meet me at a higher frequency?


I find my self wanting to help others, as thier burdens are too apparent now. I believe this is all I am here for, and dont know how to help.

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