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new sleep study

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educated women sleep more, educated men sleep less

what dis mean?


A new study conducted by researchers in Taiwan shows that women with more education get better sleep than women with little formal schooling. However, the opposite seems to apply to men. Those men who are less educated slept better and those with more educations have trouble sleeping at night. The researchers were unable to determine the reason for their findings.


The results of the study, which was based on a study of 40,000 Taiwanese men and women over the age of 15, were published in the 'Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.'


With regard to men, the study believed that those who worked longer hours and were in positions of higher authority generally had more trouble sleeping. Other groups more likely to suffer from insomnia include divorced and separated people of both sexes, older people and those who were poor or earned less.


Women who were divorced or separated had the biggest problem with insomnia according to the study. It is believed the stress of single parenting and/or the stigma associated with the breakdown of their marriage could be possible reasons for these results.


Having additional children in a household caused less sleep for both men and women and did not account for the sleep gap between the sexes. Students, those who get regular exercise and nonsmokers tended to sleep better while the unemployed who were searching for a job had the biggest difficulty sleeping well.


The researchers concluded that more studies were necessary to determine why women generally had more problems sleeping than men. 'The sex discrepancy in insomnia narrowed slightly after taking social role factors into consideration but was not explained by socioeconomic status,' the authors wrote. 'The persistent sex gap in insomnia warrants further investigation.'



Brad Kurtzberg

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