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Japanese culture seems to be influenced by Chinese culture in some ways.For example; Chan/Zen, as well as Pureland

Buddhism , martial arts as well as TCM in the form of Godai. But there seems to be no influence of the TTJ. I was wondering

if the Tao has any impact in Japan as it does in China.


Or perhaps I have waaay too much time on my hands while nursing an injury.

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I lived in Japan for about 5 plus years and love it there.


I still keep a small house in the Buddhism Valley of Gokurakuji - many Shingon Sect Temples there -


I see many influences of China in Japan, and feel this is perhaps why I love the place.


I know that the city of Kyoto was designed by an expert in Feng Shui - maybe in the Tang Dynasty -

this was a time when there was much exchange from China to Japan.


I know that students of ancient Chinese architecture study the ancient structures in Kyoto and Nara city.


They have stories of "Immortals" in the mountains of Japan.


There are the "Yama Bushi" - mountain warriors who train in esoteric methods, and extreme physcial training.


Perhaps so many aspects of the culture has some influence from China and Taoism.


There is also the ancient religion of Shinto - which involves nature spirits, and elemental powers - which to me from observation really is a form of ancient Taoism, with many aspects of Shamanism.


There are also sects and branches of Taoism in Japan; such as Lung Men Pai and others.


But it is a closed society, and as in many places in Asia, you must be introduced to gain access to groups and study.


Jaaaaaaa Mata Ne......



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