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Hello! I am pleased to be here!


I have been a lurker for some time and thought I would finally jump into the rabbit hole with everyone else here :)


As an introduction, and reason I showed up on your doorstep... I'm just a guy my late-40s - I have been a martial arts practitioner for most of my life. For years I'd never gave too much thought about Qi or cultivation; I just practiced hard. What I would learn later, is that with such practice comes a certain amount of automatic cultivation, especially in a system focused on breathing techniques. To my surprise, I had developed a foundation without even knowing it... yay.


My goals are to improve my health, extend my life, become stronger internally to protect my family and myself. The strong should always help the weak! However, I feel all too much like the more I chase knowledge or techniques to become healthy and build energy, the further they move out of grasp, like running toward a rainbow. Esoteric knowledge is so difficult to come by, sadly, and I get that too many people are out for personal gain. I am certainly happy that the internet has allowed people to share more, and demystify so many things. But it's hard to know how to sift through the false information and made up nonsense, eh?


I've been on my quest to understand how the body works, both physical and spiritual. Coming here has been fun and helpful over the last few years - it's good to see all the thoughts and ideas. I have enjoyed seeing people post concepts, books, or names of individuals about whom I've never heard, and this allows me to research and find information I might never have otherwise discovered. I think ultimately, I want to grow safely. There may be people here who know pitfalls of incorrect technique, or how to avoid damaging practices that don't seem damaging, etc... Ok, I've rambled.


Nice to be here, in any case! -Cheers

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