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Lineage of Simplified Kundalini Yoga Vethathiri Maharishi (sampradaya)

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Dear friends :D

My post will be in 3 parts:
1) Introduction to the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and his different gurus
2) Interesting information about one of his gurus
3) Questions for you and invitation to further research on one of his guru's guru (paramguru)

1) Introduction to the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and his gurus
Today, I researched a bit about Vethathiri Maharishi, and I found that he himself had 3 physical gurus and 1 astral guru:

1) A religious Guru called Balakrishnan Naicker (when Vethathiri was 14, he learnt hindu devotional worship using songs, mantras and puja as well as the importance of ahimsa and vegetarianism)

2) A Guru in indian herbal medicine called Vaidya Bhoopati S. Krishna Rao  (in Vethathiri's 20s, he was employed in Chennai as the apprentice of this traditional doctor in herbal medicine and learnt Ayurveda, Siddhar Medicine and Unani Medicine as well as indian philosophy)

3) A Guru called Paranjyothi Mahan who opened Vethathiri's muladhara and sahasrara chakras and taught him astral travel (in his 30s)

4) When he was 42 the astral form of the Great Saint Ramalinga Vallalar came to Vethathiri and then stayed with him for a period of about 10 years, helping, assisting, teaching and blessing him.

As you know, SKY completely changed my life, and I am very grateful for the teachings of Vethathiri. However, as you might have read in my other posts, the astral travel method has been removed from the official SKY system. To me, that's a great tragedy.

I am personally very interested in learning it, hence I am continually researching on it.

2) Interesting information about one of his gurus
Seeing that Paranjyothi Mahan was actually the guru who opened Vethathiri's chakras, and taught him astral travel, I thought I would research some more about him.

There is an organisation he established, which continues to this day: Universal Peace Foundation. One of Paranjyothi Mahan's students is the current leader of the organisation, as Paranjyothi passed away in 1981.

So, one possibility for me is to contact this organisation and see if they still teach astral travel. However, from what I can see, they teach something which is very, very similar to SKY (the master opens the students' chakras one by one).

Well, what about the guru of Paranjyothi Mahan? This is where the new piece of interesting information comes in.

His guru was called Haribullah Kamil Syed Ibrahim!

This is a muslim name, or it could very well be a title.

"Hari" refers to Vishnu in Sanskrit, however, in Qur'anic arabic, "hari" means dawn, morning or sunrise. 
"b" is short for "bi" or "bi'l" which means "of" or "of the"
"ullah" is Allah.
So Hari-bi'l-Allah means "Morning/dawn/sunrise of God" (as you know, sunrise is symbolic of the rays of the sun dispersing the darkness of night, and instead bringing light, warmth and life.
As you know "guru" in sanskrit means "darkness/light", someone who takes you from darkness to light.
So, the Arabic meaning of "Haribullah" could be a clever muslim/sufi way to say "Guru". This in itself is (to me) extremely interesting, that the paramguru of Vethathiri is possibly a muslim or sufi!

Kamil or Kamel means "perfect" or "perfected".

Syed or Sayed/Sayid means "noble" and usually refers to descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ibrahim is the muslim variant of Abraham, the first "hanif" or first rightly guided monotheist (in the 3 abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam).

As you can see "Haribullah Kamil Syed Ibrahim" could very well be a title, refering to a guru or master safeguarding and passing on the true, perfected and noble teachings. In this case, the true teachings include kundalini and chakra awakening through touch, as well as astral travel and prayers for world peace.

It being an honorific title could very well be the reason, that nothing really comes up when you search for it online. Maybe his given name was different. You also can't find any pictures of him.

This leads me to the last and final point.

3) Questions for you and invitation to further research on one of his guru's guru (paramguru)

1) Do you know about or have experience with UPF (Universal Peace Foundation) and their teachings and practices?
2) Do you know about or can you through research find anything about this mysterious Haribullah Kamil Syed Ibrahim?
3) Do you know about or do you have experience with the astral travel methods of Vethathiri, Paranjyothi Mahan or Haribullah?

May there be sufficient rain, crops and sustenance for all living beings.

May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness, health, wisdom and peace.

May Peace reign within us, may Peace reign around us and everywhere we go, may Peace reign in the whole word.

Be blessed by the Divine!


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