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Vajra Fist

Covid, Nitric Oxide and Humming

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I got COVID the other day. I'm jabbed three times, so thankfully it wasn't too bad. But I've been doing a few exercises to make sure it doesn't worsen.


Here's my attempt at bro science, along with some woo woo to possibly help anyone if they're worried about symptoms getting serious.


I've no medical training, but from what I can gather, a shortage of a substance produced in the sinuses known as nitric oxide is potentially a factor in the significant worsening of symptoms, known as a cytokine storm.





Having successfully
developed a nutritional formulation intervention based on nitrate, a nitric oxide precursor, the authors
hypothesis is that both the comorbidities associated with negative clinical patient outcomes and
symptoms associated with COVID-19 sickness are linked to the depletion of a simple molecule:
nitric oxide.




So how do we increase nitric oxide ? According to the respected Buteyko teacher Patrick McKeown, the first thing you should do is breathe entirely through your nose.



Mouth taping


In order to ensure this, Buteyko practitioners typically tape their mouths up during sleep. That's right, surgical tape across the lips.


Normally when I get a cold and go to sleep, my nose gets bunged up, meaning I breathe through my mouth. According to some, this means that my body is producing less nitric oxide and therefore I'm at a higher risk of having symptoms worsen.


After a couple of nights mouth taping, my nose has thankfully remained clear.




Another thing that supposedly works is humming. Yes, I know how weird that sounds.


According to the eggheads, humming produces a 15-fold increase in nitric oxide


Thankfully, there is a pranayama exercise known as bhramari (or 'bee breath') which offers you the option to hum in a structured way. Here's a decent tutorial



As you can imagine, the scientists are already exploring this:





Bhramari by enhancing the expression of Nitric Oxide and increased Carbon dioxide by extended exhalation and alkaline pH prevents coagulopathies and morbidity due to Covid-19.


Now, bhramari is basically the internal vibration of the syllable 'om' (or aum for purists).


I've been doing a bit of bhamari for sure, but I've also been doing a lot of 'omming'. If you're curious on the right way to do this, and you happen to be a member of Lotus Neigong Academy, then Damo Mitchell explores this in depth in his 'energetics of sound' course. 




In this one, the science is a little less cut and dried, but what the hey. 


Basically beets are an excellent dietary source of nitrates, which your body converts into nitric oxide.


I've been necking a couple of glasses of beetroot juice a day during this period, as a way of covering all my bases




If you made it through this wall of text - congratulations. These are the assorted methods I've accumulated in a bid to help me recover from Covid quickly. They might not work for you, but you're probably going to lose very little if you try them.


Of course, if I'm untubated this time tomorrow, then chances are they didn't work for me either. But so far they've been helping me, an early shortness of breath I had early on seems to have largely disappeared and I'm breathing a lot better. 


Good health to all ūüėÄ







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