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Practicing various methods

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So I’m 19 days into retention.  I’ve been practicing various methods of energy work for 15 years or so but I just recently got serious about it.  I’m 32 now.


in the morning I do these things in this order:

2 mile run

2 minute cold shower

5 minutes horse stance

3 rounds of 30 breaths wim hof method



Then I go to work for 8 hours, I come home and lift weights at the gym.


Many years ago I did a root chakra activation meditation by focusing my sense of feeling on the area inside my body at the base of the spine, so the rectum essentially.  I started feeling blood flowing all throughout my body strongly, felt as if I was being sucked into the bed I was lying on.  I got excited and stopped, thinking I could do this any time but it never worked again after that no matter what I tried.  As soon as I got up from the meditation I felt like a child again, depression completely lifted.  I woke up the next day and a scar I’d had for years was suddenly 50 % healed.


anyways that’s a bit about me.


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