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Hi Everyone,


Lovely to connect with you all. I'm an aspiring to align myself to the Tao. I've been interested in spirituality for about 6 years now. In 2016, I was in a very bad state of my life and wanted to find answer to liberate myself from the cacophony that was my life then.. It was as if I lived in a bad dream, and I kept on re-opening my eyes trying to wake up... though from the outside my life seemed fine. I was making 6 figures in my mid-20s, and had some trappings of success in life... 


In my desperate attempt for answers, I went on a week-long pschyedelic retreat taking Iboga... That opened up my eyes to spirituality rooted in the awareness that life is not what conventional science would have you believe...


since then, I've been learning more about all kinds of spirituality materials... and I'm very keen on learning more about Eastern philosophy and Taoism.... I found this forum from searching about Mo Pai... 


I hope to connect with others on here and maybe meet up with some of y'all if you are in NYC

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