Ending the Civil War

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I hope I didn't click bait anyone; this thread is not about political divisions, thus,  not qualified for TDB Current Events subsection. If you wandered in looking for political discussion, my bad, setting bait. You're welcome to join the thread; it is the current event you need to be dealing with; yourself/ your-self, Yourself. Sooner rather than later, as we all do.

It does qualify for The Rabbit Hole section. A section, I have long been delightfully rewarded by exploring/experiencing this rabbit hole, (( hey, they are not all created equal)) YMWV) feeling my time invested in this section continues to receive welcome returns. Before it's current title. the proto-rabbit hole, Off topic section was the forerunner of the Rabbit Hole, .my favorite section. There is a wealth of treasure waiting to be discovered down our Rabbit Hole. Panning for gold requires resolve, sincerity, open to possibilities. 

 Not tied to any formal religion/school/ discipline. Yet, fundamental to any real advancing in whatever field you find yourself (that word again fr) in. 


Acknowledging some of my influences: Michel de Montaigne, Carl Jung, Alan Watts,  

Now, onward, to ending our own personal civil wars.



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