Waist qigong

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I was wondering if there is a qigong system which specifically focused on the waist/stomach area? I am not interested in it for losing a belly, etc. but rather for releasing abdominal tension which I suffer from and do not know how to release it. It causes me breathing problems.  I have tried stomach smashing,  but that only makes it worse. 

The other day I was reviewing a dvd by michael tse on wild goose qigong and he briefly mentions that people forget how important it is to release the waist. Unfortunately, wild goose does not specifically focus on stomach tension.

Any ideas (besides deep abdominal breathing)?


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4 hours ago, Dainin said:

These two Swimming Dragon movements might be helpful:




You may also want to check out a book called "Unwinding the Belly" which is more of a self-massage technique.

Thanks a lot, I'll definitely check that out. 

I don't know this book, but it looks promising. 


1 hour ago, SAMANTABHADRA said:

You may also wish to seek out a practitioner of Mayan Abdominal Massage (Arvigo).  Could be helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion.  The problem is that where I live (out it in the nowhere in northern Italy), I'm not sure if I will be able to find such a practitioner. Here there are many that took just a weekend course and then offer their services in alternative practices, although not qualified at all. But I'll definitely check it out, thanks. 

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