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David W

Recipe for Daoist Secret Supplement: the Three Heavens of Numinous Treasure

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After reading The Biography of Perfected Purple Yang, and a few other classical scriptures on the development of various neidan adepts or those becoming immortals, it seems they make reference from time to time the eating of certain special herbs or unusual plants such as Pine Needles or Sap. 


JAJ shares the "most secret recipe known to the ancient Daoist masters" for combining Five Wonder-Plants which can be used as a powerful food supplement, or in some cases as a replacement for food entirely, in the pursuit of transforming the body to become energetic. The following is from JAJ's Daoist Alchemy book (pg. 103): 


According to The Numinous Treasure Way of Eating the Essence of the Five Wonder-Plants, "there are five "Wonder-Plants" used in order to help the disciple abstain from the Five Grains. These Wonder-Plants are listed as follows: Pine Sap, Sesame, Pepper, Ginger, and Calamus. These Five Wonder-Plants can either be taken separately or combined. When taken separately, the Five Wonder-Plants are said to increase the disciple's energy, expand his Essence, stabilize his Shen, and secure his long life. When combined, these Five Wonder-Plants form the most secret recipe known to the ancient Daoist masters as the "Recipe of the Three Heavens of Numinous Treasure." According to ancient legend, if the disciple continues taking the Five Wonder-Plants without interruption, he can live as long as the world itself.



The purpose of the "Recipe of the Three Heavens of Numinous Treasure" prescription, is to lengthen the disciple's years, providing him with the time to eventually transcend the world and live forever as an Immortal. The specific quantities of the five ingredients are listed as follows. It is best to gather the ingredients in season when they are fresh and full of Essence:
4 Parts - Pine Sap
5 Parts - Sesame
1 Part - Pepper
3 Parts - Ginger
3 Parts - Calamus


During this entire process, the disciple should strictly avoid eating all fish, pork, dog and strong vegetables (onions, scallions, leeks, etc.). Also,
during the time of preparing the herbal formula, the disciple should add Atractylis ("Shu") to his diet."




Okay, so I have seen this type of thing enough in historical references to believe there is obviously something legitimate behind the tradition. I do not think this equates to the proper alchemical pills of waidan, but perhaps it is more a health supplement used by practitioners. The possibility of learning how to make something like this comes as an extension of an already very lean diet (juicing, clean veggies, chicken/fish, and zero carbs.)  


What do you all think? Have you ever heard of procuring such a supplement these days? I would be quite interested in experimenting with this so any thoughts or ideas are welcomed! 

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It is certainly interesting but I haven't seen yet such a recipe used in an alchemical method. I'm however familiar with the rasayanic siddha medicine which heavily uses mercury in making tinctures and medicine. In that department the siddhas directly mess with the energetical patterns of the mercury in order to make it safe. But in general the use of poisons being transmuted into medicine is highly sought after.

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