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I am very fully acquainted with the modern trends in music defined the very interesting and you can even say horrible things! But this also applies to other forms of art and life, but I'm a composer, and I have a lot of information just about music. So I will say now mostly about her. So what has happened. Man has invented robots, and robots are gradually displace people from all walks of life. We talked a lot about the fact that technological progress is useful. But said little about what robots are capable of replacing a person in such subtle areas as art. In fact, the man certainly has not yet disappeared completely from sight, but he was more like a robot operator than the creator. But and this is very funny. I discovered an amazing thing! If you insert a MIDI sequencer in the masterpieces of classic and assign to it, very unusual synthesizers, it will no longer be clear that this is a masterpiece, but the overall concept and structure of the product will remain and the listener will experience a sense of unearthly. The question is, what he hears? It is not to define what a masterpiece and it is perceived as an entirely original work! And it was brilliant. So now we are faced with the paradox of the robot creates a completely original work, which is perceived as a masterpiece! So, who is its author! A nobody. But it loses the robot. So ladies and gentlemen, we safely reached the full delirium in music! Created works of genius, who's not! Plagiarism is also can not be named, as this product does not look like the original in the sense that it is virtually impossible to determine. ART is dead! LONG LIVE THE ART OF QUASI

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