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I know, right, we expect to have threads of curative or magical herbs etc

some of the claims by sellers, of course, touting extraordinary benefits:

"clinical research has demonstrated that BPC-157 improves mobility, strength, and flexibility in joints and connective tissue."


  • Accelerated healing from injury and training
  • Rapid tendon and ligament healing
  • Enhanced joint mobility
  • Stronger connective tissue
  • Improved flexibility
  • Protection against injury


then they say not for human consumption, give it to your puppy or horse, hamster, whatever


not much in the way of human tests, so, it makes me scratch my head

does anyone have anecdotal comments they can bring to the discussion?

something like, well, a friend told me......


my youngest sister talked my mom into trying some peptide for her legs and back and in two weeks time mom is saying the stuff works good. mom is an octogenarian. 


side effects?? are the claims true?

anyone have experience with any peptides. i just chose a random one for a conversation starter?

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Never heard of it!

I'm having a good time checking it out on FB, which is great for anecdotal threads. It sounds promising.

Thanks for the tip!



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