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Yi in the North and South

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yi, sometimes, refers to south or south-west, etc. and north and north-east, etc. in short, the cardinal points


i understand that interpretation may be metaphorically based, and/or based on historical events, geographical position, political, etc i.e. many layers of interpretation


however, there is mention of the seasons and calendar (months) e.g. february-spring, etc


ok, that’s fine if you’re in the northern hemisphere. how do those of us in the southern hemisphere interpret that? do i in the southern hemisphere, for example, interpret february-spring as september-spring or february-autumn


yes, i know, the cop-out way would be to interpret it metaphorically and leave it at that; but i sincerely believe that the yi is multi-layered

. . . . .


p.s. i was recently told, upon asking someone, having asked about a specific hexagram, what it meant to go south - the answer i received was ‘uproot from your home and go south’. now, that’s kind of crazy ‘cause i live near the coast on the southern tip of the continent, and my next stop going south would be antarctica 😜


that got me thinking
so i flipped the map around, presented graphic ideas and someone else went crazy on me for doing that - like i was a bone he constantly chewed at - reminded me of the fundamentalist school teacher in pink floyd’s wall movie - no space for free thinking, questioning or experimentation. i believe that yi means changes. may i be bold and include the word evolution


besides, methinks, and i say this with respect for the power of yi, the zhou had no idea (haven’t seen any mention of it) that there was a southern hemisphere; and, as we speak, i will remind you, in this moment northerners have summer and southerners are experiencing winter


that the mountain side referred to as the yang side - facing south in the northern hemisphere and facing north in the southern hemisphere


do you see what i mean!
perhaps it’s much a do about nothing
but, hey, check out the solar ecliptic and you’ll see what i mean

. . . . .


p.p.s. by the way, i asked yi of the outcome of this post
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