What is Dan?

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What is Dan?
pneumatic? Or a ball of light?
Usually, the pill that qigong talks about is actually the pneumatic movement in the stomach, while the pill that pill talks about is actually a ball of light, which is not the same thing.
The air in the stomach is actually a phenomenon of air being blocked in the stomach. If the heart orifice is released, the air will change. This stage of aerodynamics in the belly is the stage of first Zen.
There are two levels of the release of the mind orifice. One is the release of the mind, that is, the release of the attention. When the attention is released to a certain degree, the third eye will be opened, light will appear, and the state of two meditations without seeking or waiting.
The second level is that the mind is released and the heart orifice is opened. At this time, you will feel the heart orifice loosen very deeply. The light of the original black liver medicine will enter a deeper heart orifice and begin the process of removing yin. When the yin is reduced to a certain level, there will be a small medicine for rabbit marrow, which is already the level of three meditations.
Whether it is black liver or rabbit marrow, they are all small medicines, and they are all the "small pill" in the elixir, which is based on Liu Yiming's definition.
And what is truly qualified to be called a pill in the alchemy path is actually a "great pill". This is based on Liu Yiming's definition. A great pill is a golden pill, which is the beginning of the void evolution process. The golden pill will begin to condense and evolve at this stage. What appears is the pill that is said in the real Dan Dao.
The characteristics of Wutu Xiaoyao have been mentioned before, and the characteristics of the big medicine have been said before, so I won’t repeat them, please check the crawling text by yourself.
If you just want a pneumatic pill, instead of the real pill of the pill, it is quite easy. In the state of inaction, practice frequently and thoroughly. If you practice it to a certain level, the aerodynamics in your stomach will be generated by itself. No special methods are required.

The above article is written in Chinese and translated by Google. There may be some errors in the wording







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