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I've been reading about the fact that practitioners in the art of Dao like to have their hair long.

And some. In a knot up top.


Somehow all of this related to the pineal gland, as it is an extra storage of energy they say.


Has anyone here manipulated their hair, and found that it activated the pineal gland.

Squeezing the hairs on the top of my head have given me somewhat results but I'm not sure, I think I'd like a second opinion on that.


Squeezing seems to be important. My hairs are naturally in a spider hairstyle that I maintain without training.


Don't ask me how. It just stays that way.

And the more I go along my practice; the more it stays that way.

Morning nighttime - it stays that way.

So it is easy for me to grab it and squeeze it.


You could say. They are like antennas.

But that hang about.

Waiting around, like a spider's legs.


Perhaps Wicca style.

But I'm not sure.

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