Anatta Middle dantian Compassion

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Today experienced I had today I felt opening compassion with my mind became cave of emptiness.

I was my Tibet mantra and added Anatta with separated meditation of course. I started to getting hang of Anatta how my mind deeping to nothingness. It’s like you so damn tire and you crash into deep state well that’s what I feel like but fully awake. 
I can feel massive energy/qi outskirts of my brain. I can feel this part of my brain slowly expanding the longer I stay in this state. 
Here’s where my compassion triggered. I had a Autistic i was working with today, my compassion felt for him normal but something in me desire to have compassion all sentient beings that’s when automatically I felt this big trigger of compassion energetically and feeling of light compassion massive running. 
This feeling became bigger after looking at the trees as I’m driving and my mindset still quiet as before. I honestly felt PEACE during this whole time. Now I can enter this state at ease and the middle dantian compassion getting stronger and third eye is being stimulated.

Anyway, what is this I’m experiencing?



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