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Hello, I hope you will understand what I want to say, because my english is crude.


I like these "metaphysics" things. Althought I am beginner, I think I had some experience with alchemy(right?) which I want to tell. Maybe I will find guidance here.


All happened some months ago. Back then, I had some strong thoughts about something and my mind was concentrated.
Then I felt some push in a part of my body, then I concentrated on that part.
Maybe I felt what is called chi? I dont know.


Then while concentrating more, in certain parts of my body some kind of force, which remind me magnet pull, was simply "flowing" along some invisible lines. At the same time I had my penis erected without any sexual thoughts. I had to study so I stopped this concetration thing. But then the interesting part starts. I have read about dantien before this. And interesting thing now was that I actually felt it.


There was inner breathing going from my dantien to my lungs and I realised that I simply could stop physically breathing if I wanted and simply be non breathing. All this experience lasted for a week. From this point, when I concentrated mind in Dantien I had a strong penis erection. This concetration came to quite frightening point where suddenly I felt strong piercing pain at the Huiyin. I was afraid, because it was uncontrollable, but I continued.  This ache(energy?) was rising along my spine in a matter of a day and at night I felt it has risen to the top of my head. Then it moved to the middle of my head(It was quite pleasant) and the moved to the middle of forehead. Then moved down and I touched my tongue agaisnt the palate and this thing moved to the dantien. The culmination after that was that abdomen was breathing by itself and my body felt light.


I was afraid to continue, everything was so powerfull and so fast and who knows what lies ahead after that? So I paused this cultivation. There were more interesting things, but this is the strongest part I think.


Anyway, have anyone experienced anything similar? Please, share your thoughts.

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The light manifests itself.


Green or purple it is.


Strong Dragon hums in the right.


Weak Tiger roars in the left.


Sweet nectar steadily flows.


Done, without doing.


It is the way of the mystery.


The cause is desire.


The answer is awareness.


Full of desire.


So empty I feel.


What a mystery it is.

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