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Hello everyone.


Hope everyone's day has been good.


I've come across something that I think some of you might find interesting; and I'm sure. Many of you have experienced it: There's an energy shift, happening. Here, on this planet.

It seems almost everywhere I look or see there's someone giving a mention to it.


Just now I saw several posts about it.

And in particular this one. Struck my eye.

What do you make of it?


I'll put it down below:


Just highlight it in bold so you can see. What's mine.

And what's what the other person, said.


There you go.


"Amidst the plethora of fear-based media filling up our news feeds here is your friendly reminder on how to transcend the game of mania and reclaim your sovereignty as human beings. 
The game is this: Get humans into heightened negative states of emotional being and frequency so they remain under the veil of control.
The game requires all parties to play. There are those injecting the stories into the masses via mass media, and those choosing to believe it and entering into the emotional drama. 
Humans MUST give consent for the game to be played. This has happened covertly over thousands of years and a lot of grey area has been toed around this. The short version is that we have given implicit consent for this to occur. 
Reminder: Humans are conscious creators of this reality. 
This reality is created first and foremost through the energetic state of being. 
The only thing anyone can ever have full reign over is our own internal state of being. This is what collectively creates the world we choose to live in. 
Planet earth is largely a manifestation of all of our emanations of frequency combined together to create a shared reality and experience within the third dimension. 
Beyond the physical 3D reality we operate in frequency. The planet is currently undergoing a massive transition in frequency to 5D unity consciousness. 
The solstice marked a massive upheaval and release of lower energies with multiple grids and portals coming into full activation. The planet is FULLY ready for immediate and instantaneous ascension.
The Avalon grids are in full activation 
The original Flower of Life grid is in full activation 
The ascension tower of Kamura is in full activation 
The grid lines between all major sacred sites are in full activation 
The major star gates are all open
Higher dimensional star family are FULLY ready to receive us  
Gaia is already steadily holding a 5D vibrational and has been for a while.
We’re all good to go 
All that’s left now is for the collective consciousness of humans to shift their perception out of the illusion and into the vision of New 
Earth that grows stronger and stronger every day. 
While the planet and grids are ready to go the only thing we need to do now is be EXTREMELY vigilant in our own energetic state of being. 
The question to ask ourselves is where are we buying into the fear and emotional drama?
The truth is we were sovereign all along. The illusion was any belief or story that said otherwise. We have allowed ourselves to play that game for long enough. It’s game over now. 
This next phase of ascension really is as simple as breathing and allowing ourselves to gently drop through the 4D zero point and into a 5D ascension.  
The amount of time lag and the extent of chaos we experience in the transition is largely influenced by how well we as a collective embrace this new reality. We are not powerless! We can drastically change the course of this transition overnight if we collectively choose. 
Those who want to control are trying to ignite a spiritual war that enters through the 4D astral onto this planet. 
But war requires multiple parties to play. If WE make a collective agreement to stand in our inner peace there can’t be a war. 
So then it is simple. Master your vibrational state, stand in your internal peace and sovereignty, and the game is done. 
5D earth is well and truly already in existence. I’ve been seeing and feeling it in the ether for a while now. It doesn’t even need creating anymore. It just needs anchoring. 
We’re nearly there."
Now. This is one of many. Of similar experiences that have come flooding in my timeline.
People who don't know each other.
But saying the exact same thing, when it comes to this next phase of humanity and I'm thinking of words, illusion, coming out a lot.
That we're shifting in an other vibrational plane.
Also a lot.
Even in this forum; I see people are talking about it. So I guess I'd like to here from you.
Do you sense, this vibrational shift that we're experiencing, or so many have experienced are experiencing?
What are your thoughts on that?
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