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Expanding your Quantum Field through Awareness.

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Awareness is a quantum field generated, yet not limited to the brain/body, but built upon and generated by the physical molecules to create a quantum field that is not limited to the laws of standard physics, but governed by the quantum realm. The quantum realm offers insight into the higher dimensions and many of the practices we practice also do this, in a less than scientific way.


One fundamental principal of Quantum Mechanics is that of Quantum superposition, This principle of quantum mechanics suggests that particles can exist in multiple locations at once. Awareness can also be in superposition, which it happens to each of us throughout the day when we experience emotions or pain or use any of our senses at the same time. Our awareness which nominally resides in our sight when we are just reading a boring part of a book or watching the news or even reading messages on the boards, splits apart from itself to encompass the other aspects of being that need attention. When we are hearing a song, we can still watch the movie and feel the warmth of the fireplace all at the same time, because awareness is splitting off to encompass each of these senses at the same time.


Energy practices are much the same way, we can  consciously split off awareness (Through quantum tunneling) to certain other parts of the body, like hands for example, and use the entanglements to feel the energy at that location. The more we practice splitting awareness around our body the more proficient we become, and eventually our awareness will encompass our entire body and through entanglements our entire bodies can be filled with the energies we have mastered. (Beginning with just the remembrance of the feeling of that energy and recalling that energy to the location of awareness)


Each of our energy centers are entangled to each of our cells, which is why energy can be felt instantly in the location of awareness without having to travel through any physical medium. To feel heart energy in your hands,  the energy doesn't have to travel through all the circuits in between the the center and the hands to arrive at the hands, it is just instantly teleported to that location. This works because our cells entangle through replication when we are conceived. The same cells make more cells and they retain the same energy signature (frequency) as the one that was copied (cell division), building more and more cells all intricately linked through entanglement.


Every cell in our body is just as capable as every other cell.

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