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Enlightenment - carrot & stick aspects?

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I'd say teachings about attaining Enlightenment have some "carrot and stick" aspects or feelings about them, although many "eastern" teachings  might deny that...  many of us know that in non-dualistic teachings  enlightenment as True Self can not be lost or gained, thus IS,  which is great but what consolation is a freedom that is seriously veiled for zillions of us Beings? - thus suffering is largely in effect and enlightenment is not.  It's nice to think that someday through the processes of  evolution and or  in an instant the veil will be lifted. (depending on the school you follow)  Anyway not to worry for according to some teachings we will all be free someday, although it may take millions or billions of years which btw.  can also be like or in the twinkling of an eye depending on one's perception.   Lastly, with the cosmic cycles of the great Tao being seen as unstoppable  then freedom for all individual beings will also be unstoppable per that part of said cycle which will be a "return"  (aka as dissolution)  of them and the universe, although such is not applicable to the one of all of us which IS already free.  

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