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Yesterday I went to a chinese masseusse here in Spain. Of course she was a low class person, no university, she couldn't speak in spanish very well, much less in english, but she gave me the best massage ever. Much better than a physiotherapist who gave me a massage one year ago, with university training, diplomas and all that bullshit.


This great chinese woman gave me a massage focusing a lot on my rotator cuff/shoulder blade area. She pressed hard with her elbows there. My pain was terrible but she didn't even stop, although I was even screaming! I think that people passing nearby could hear me in the street. Chinese massages are good and hard, much better than those with university training.


But I am surprised this area hurt me so much. Now I realized that after almost 3 years of non stop internal training I have never adressed this area well. And I am not sure how to do it with exercises. Maybe with Zhan Zhuang or strengthening my shoulders.


And I am sure she was clever and knows the human body well. Because when I told her that I have some knots in my neck and between shoulder blades, she told me that she can't  press hard on these areas, and that these knots are caused by my problems in the rotator cuff/shoulder blade area. I am not sure 100% that this is the case, but she is probably right. So again, I am very surprised and happy to know that a simple low class chinese woman with no formal training is much better that many of our university trained physios.


Pd: i tried to tell her i suffer tinnitus, just to know if she thinks is due to my shoulder blades. But she didn't understand me, she thought i was saying that i don't hear very well. So she replied "i don't hear very well in my left ear neither" lol.

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Now i am training my shoulders. The experience of yesterday told me something about them

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Just stumbled across your thread and I shall give you my advice on this matter:


"The problem is caused by the Wood force disharmony."


When Liver Qi is dredged, its natural tendency is to flow upward; when the Gallbladder is purged, its natural tendency is to move downward. 


GB energy going up, Liver Qi stagnation and Liver Fire are very common health issues today from the Taoist medical perspective. 


Excessive computer/smartphone use aggravates this problem.


Other common reasons: emotional stress, anger, resentment, lack of movement, inadequate diet, etc.


Further reading:

Hope this all helps! 




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