A Dao Bums Retreat?

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Post-Covid, of course.


My little vision is to find a peaceful spot that maybe rents out cabins, and that we could have a retreat for maybe 3 days.


That there wouldn't be any particular focus of the retreat, but we can do group meditations on the spot, or whatever.  We've known each other soul to soul for years, and I can't tell you how wonderful it would be to meet other Bums in person.


And people could bring their musical instruments if they want,  we can have fun with each other's talents.  At the very least, share photos of artwork on our phones.


And it shouldn't be too awfully far from a good restaurant, but on the other hand a nice remote and peaceful feeling.  I know, I'm not asking for much.

Electricity would be nice.  Same with flushing toilets.


A central location might be the most desirable as far as everyone's convenience.  But I would have a willingness to fly anywhere.


We may have plenty of time visualize the dream retreat, for our purposes. (Whatever we decide those will be)


So if anybody knows of a suitable location for this type of seminar, please contribute to this thread.  It would be sort of fun to create a parallel universe while the rest of the planet implodes on itself.  :)


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