Are You Spiritual? S3 E1 - Scholar Sage Podcast

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I like the general thrust of what he’s saying,  He does articulate the Hindu system at a high school level :) (incomplete/incorrect technically). 

For instance he says in Hinduism there are three “levels” - Brahman, Atman and Jiva. But really Atman and Brahman are the same. In the  nondual traditions within Hinduism, Atman is realized as being the same as Brahman or Shiva. 

What he calls the “soul” is the Atman veiled in ignorance, which thinks it is an individual entity that transmigrates from life to life. 

What he calls “awakening” and distinguishes it from “breaking the cycle of rebirth” is not correct either, as awakening in the Hindu tradition is called Brahma jnana or tatva jnana, and it is the entry into jivanamukti, or liberation while embodied. So awakening in the true sense ensures full liberation. Duration is dependent on what kind of preparatory work has already been done. 

As I watched on, there are many other things deficient in his explanations. But I’m assuming that it drives from his lack of depth in Hinduism. I notice that he uses Hindu terminology a lot, for a Daoist. 

But many might accuse me of using a lot of Daoist terminology, for a Hindu. 😜


The biggest issue I have is with what he says wrt “merging of individual soul to an undifferentiated soul”. There is no merging that occurs in nondual Hindu traditions. Rather, awareness  realizes that it is not the “limited being” which transmigrates, and knows that it IS nondual awarenss,  which it always has been and will always be. 


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