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noodle lu

Squeezing the Breath

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Hi Everyone,


I hope this makes sense what I am about to write. It is an experience that has become more and more frequent with my wuji stance. This is my first time putting it into words so please forgive me. 


I have been practicing wuji posture for ten years, and last year things really began to change. Usually I would stand still, with my tongue to the roof of my mouth, and try my best to relax as was taught to me by my teacher a long time ago. That is all. However, overtime , I noticed that my breathing was changing. I would inhale my abdomen expands and then my abdomen would go in towards my spine as if I was exhaling but there would be no exhale. After a moment or two then I would exhale and my abdomen goes out. 


As this process continued and I got more comfortable with it, and I started playing with it more. After inhalation I began really squeezing my breath to the point where blood began rushing to my face. It was during this time that I began having extreme visuals. With my eyes closed, the "dao" or the purple circle would open up or suck me in and there would be colorful clouds, shapes, rainbow bridges, and outer space. 


This continued until my wuji go to ninety minutes. At this point I began biting down on my teeth as well because I liked the way it felt. I would inhale, compress my whole abdomen to my spine and feel my testicles lift up. At this point it was creating an orgasmic effect throughout my body. Inhale and then compress and squeez the body as the testicles rise thus sending an orgasm up to the top of the head. 


Finally it go to a point when I could start seeing wuji visuals all the time. For some reason it was then that I lost interest in the practice. However, I recently picked up wuji again and lo and behold I am squeezing my breath and biting. The visuals are just as strong as ever but now I can always see space with colorful clouds/lights swirling around. 


Sorry for such a long first post. This is my first time every really explaining this to anyone. I really hope that someone can relate to any of my experience. Thanks!

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Welcome, You are one hard core noodle :) .   Intense breathing patterns can get you that state.  You're combining it with standing.  I'm reminded of Morihei Ueshiba mystic and founder of Aikido describing the billowing purple clouds he'd see around himself in his visions. 

I think you'll find people here with first hand experience similar to yours.  I'm not one of them but I admire the dedication and perseverance of those who achieve that level. 


 TDB team


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