Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

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There are lots of qigong practices that tonify shen, but I would recommend that you clarify what you want by tonifying and increasing shen, then pursue a lineage that has that benefit.


Most lineages develop jing, qi, and shen to different degrees and in different amount with different capabilities. A friend described different lineages in the same way different majors or schools might be at a college. They all share similar qualities, while some focus on healing, others on awakening, others martial. And in each of those examples there are further delineations and subsets.


Some example quality lineages:

Spring forest qigong

Stillness Movement Nei gong

Flying Phoenix Qigong

Zhineng Qigong (you may be interested in, it is about developing wisdom and healing the body)


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In Taoism the Heart Organ is associated with Shen. You may wish to pick up a system that focuses on cleansing and balancing the internal organs. 


Or if you wanna just hack it and not go with any particular method....get a basic mantra like OM and start using it to cleanse the 5 internal organs (Heart, Liver, Spleen, Kidney and Lungs). 

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How to determine what is best, but to try it out and see how it affects mind state and body health?

And Best for whom?


And at what point in their life?


Some of that which benefited in my 20's, is anathema in my 50's.


Explore, Incorporate, Utilize, Synthesize, Withdraw, Introspect, Analyze, Reincorporate, Repulse, Re-Explore... repeat

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I started playing around with the idea of directly cleansing the "5 Internal Organs" with key sounds. I've been doing cultivation for a long time, yet never fooled around with this method. Found a lot of stubborn sludge in there...and noticeable benefits from the process. It seems like this approach is quite potent. 



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On 09/07/2020 at 5:52 AM, darkflame said:

What is the best


On 10/07/2020 at 5:15 AM, RiverSnake said:

In Taoism the Heart Organ is associated with Shen. You may wish to pick up a system that focuses on






⳩    ㄥ    ⳩



 ⳩  ⳩

 ⳩     ⳩

 ⳩        ⳩






䷀ HEXAGRAM 1. Heaven
Heaven creates, develops, brings about fruition and consummation.


Heaven is sound, in the sense of being strong and indomitable. The lines making up the body of the hexagram are all odd; this represents pure yang, so it is called heaven. This hexagram represents the advance of yang, whereby the science of building life acts with strength and uses the path of firmness.


In strength, nothing is stronger than heaven; heaven as the Tao is a

flow of unitary energy, circulating continuously, never ceasing. There is nothing it does not cover, nothing that can harm it. This is the ultimate of soundness and strength.


Therefore, producing things in spring is the creativity of strength.
Creation means the beginning, the first arising of positive energy. When positive energy is born, all things sprout. Such is the strength of creativity.


Developing things in summer is the growth of strength. Development
is extension, the expansion of positive energy. As positive energy expands, all things develop and flourish. Such is the strength of development.


Maturing things in autumn is the fruition of strength. Fruition is
goodness, the proper benefit of positive energy. When positive energy
achieves its proper benefit, all things come to fruition. Such is the strength of fruition.


Storing things in winter is the consummation of strength. Consummation is quiescence, the resting of positive energy. When positive energy rests quietly, all things return to their root. Such is the strength of


Creation, development, fruition, consummation, the successive
movements of the four seasons, all are carried out by one strength; the one is the body, the four are the function. The body is that whereby the function is carried out, the function is that whereby the body is completed.


Body and function are as one; therefore the Tao of heaven acts with
strength unceasing. As for human beings, they first take form sustained by the energy of heaven, so they have the quality of strength of heaven 
in her

ent in them, and hence have this creativity, development, fruition, and
consummation, the functions of strength.


The quality of strength in people is original innate knowledge, the
sane primal energy. This is called true yang, or the truly unified vitality, or the truly unified energy. Confucianism speaks of singleness of mind, Taoism speaks of embracing the one, Buddhism speaks of returning to the one — all of them simply teach people to cultivate this strong, sound, sane energy.


This energy is rooted in the primordial, concealed in the temporal. It is not more in sages, not less in ordinary people. At the time of birth, it is neither defiled nor pure, neither born nor extinct, neither material nor void. It is tranquil and unstirring, yet sensitive and effective . In the midst of myriad things, it is not restricted or constrained by myriad things. Fundamentally it creates, develops, and brings about fruition and consummation spontaneously, all this taking place in unminding action, not needing force. It comes spontaneously from nature, not forceful yet strong, strong yet not forceful.


Strength having no perceptible form or trace is referred to as the celestial human . Once it mixes with acquired temporal conditioning, temperament appears and is seduced by objects. The essential intimacy of heaven and humanity then becomes estranged by habit; people abandon
the real and give recognition to the artificial, so innate knowledge is


At this point, creation is not creative, development is not developmental, fruition is not fruitful, and consummation is not consummate; the quality of strength is already lacking, so the functions of strength are not what they are anymore. The spirit is dim, the energy is polluted, essence is disturbed, life is shaken; though the body moves, positive energy dissipates, and death is inevitable. 
This is why the sages have the science of building life, to restore the primordial in the midst of the temporal, whereby it is possible to sustain the original qualities of the strength of heaven, never to decay.


The method of cultivation and practice is none other than this function of

creation, development, fruition, and consummation.

When people can see through everything, look deeply into themselves, and turn around to set their minds on essence and life, then in the midst of trance there will be a point of living potential that will subtly emerge — this is the creation of strength. If people can cultivate and nurture this singlemindedly, putting, it into actual practice, persevering indefatigably, acting so as to achieve their aim, this is the development of strength. If people can cultivate their
vital spirit and powerfully go forward, so that strong energy is stabiliszed, objects do not obstruct them, and life and death are as one — this is the fruition of strength. If people can investigate things and attain knowledge, distinguish what is so and what is not, what is wrong and what is right, staying in what is appropriate and not deviating from it, this is the consummation of strength.


Creation is whereby that strength is born; development is whereby
that strength is expanded; fruition is whereby that strength is fulfilled; consummation is whereby that strength is consolidated. Creation, development, fruition, and consummation are functions of one energy. Starting from effort, you end up in spontaneity, integrating completely with natural principle: Then this is the original face of innate knowledge, whereby you can share in the function of heaven, and share in the eternity of heaven.


However, in this science there are medicinal substances, there is a firing process, there is a course of work, there is intensification and relaxation, there is stopping at sufficiency; you can advance into its marvels only if you practice it according to its laws, and develop it with the appropriate timing. If you deviate in the slightest, you will fail altogether. If one of the four aspects—creation, development, fruition, or consummation — is lacking, then the quality of strength will not be complete, and life will not be your own. So it is necessary to know this firing process of advancing yang.




Those who live on their knees and just implore ghost immortals won’t realisze true earth true lead and true mercury.

Nor the Precelestial Breath of True Unity.

You will only have an astral cock forced in your mouth, Isn't that a pity?
Calmly read the alchemical books over and over again.

When you know their inner principle then arrive at what is real.
Anything coming from outside (DTE.jpg.ff69e60ba5de5c880c3251dbfdec4bfa.jpge XingedMing) is not the real ancestor.





It takes more effort to be good than evil. Although
good and evil by itself is in the eye of beholder and
basic instincts also must be put into Te equation, still,
if you want to be good in this treacherous world you
have to have both physical and mental strength,
integrity and strong willpower.
It's a lot easier to go the way of least resistance
which in some cases by some parties could be
considered evil.
Thus -
LIGHT = energy/effort
DARK = absence of energy/effort
Internal DARK ∴ External DARK
Real Knowledge.
Internal LIGHT ∴ External DARK
False Light.
Internal DARK ∴ External LIGHT
Internal LIGHT ∴ External LIGHT




In the final sense, therefore, Taoism, or Wayfaring,
refers to the pursuit of natural laws.
Reality is so subtle that the ancient immortals called
this reality a tiny pearl. In reality it has no such shape;
they call it thus because there is a point of conscious
energy hidden in the center, and because that point of
awareness contains the whole cosmos, space, and
the universe.
-- Liu Yiming


Golden Elixir is another name for one’s fundamental nature.

There is no other Golden Elixir outside one's fundamental nature.

All human beings have this Golden Elixir complete in themselves:

it is entirely realiszed in everybody.

It is neither more in a sage, nor less in an ordinary person.

It is the seed of the Immortals and the Buddhas,

the root of the worthies and the sages.”

- Liu Yiming (1734-1821)

The inner development of the elixir and the timing of
it`s firing are no different at all from the ebbing and
the flowing of the phases of the moon. The six lines
of the Heaven hexagram act as an image of the
waxing and waning of the moon`s body.
But it`s all metaphor.
+I'm not me. + I'm + Yu.


(True intent arouses real knowledge;
Conscious knowledge also spontaneously responds.
The three join as one,
And at once body and mind are settled.)









(These lines penetrate all the schools of philosophy, the alchemical classics, and the writings of the adepts. If you can see what is behind them, your study is done)


Awakening to Reality
The “Regulated Verses”of the Wuzhen Pian,
a Taoist Classic of Internal Alchemy

Poem 14

1. Three, Five, One —
all is in these three words;
but truly rare are those who understand them
in past and present times.

3. East is 3, South is 2,
together they make 5;
North is 1, West is 4,
they are the same.

5. Wu and ji dwell on their own,
their birth number is 5;
when the three families see one another,
the Infant coalesces.

7. The Infant is the One
holding True Breath;
in ten months the embryo is complete —
this is the foundation for entering sainthood.




"My yoga is underlining sentences." 


- LaZy+ : Esoteric Tao T+InternalPotencies+CharitiesRoot+E Ching.


Discourse Upon Taoist Theory & Practice of Internal Alchemy--By Xuezhi Hu.pdf

How to Practice The Way of the True Heart 1.pdf

How to Practice The Way of the True Heart 2.pdf



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For spiritual development, I've really been getting into Wild Goose qigong lately. I've really been drawn to it lately, it's really, really good. 

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Went to a few Michael Tse classes in London a few years back. He's a top quality teacher. Never really got on with wild goose but his dvds are probably the best resources for learning the first few forms

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As far as I know, Shen can't be tonifyed. It has no limits and is boundless in its nature, so tonifying Shen would be the same as saying you'll take an infinite source of energy and make it even more infiniti-y.


What you can do is to better root Shen on yourself and learn how to control it. That's the basys of Qi -> Shen transformation. You should start by verifying if your Xue is balanced and if your Heart Yin can accomodate your Shen and give it roots.

Then you can look at the Shen Men and notice if there are any improvements to be done there.

Finally, you can start the process of converting Qi -> Shen and turning Yin Xue into Heart Yin.

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7 hours ago, Desmonddf said:

As far as I know, Shen can't be tonifyed. It has no limits and is boundless in its nature

higher shen ;)

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