Is this "practical feng shui" book any good ?

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I found this book from a book swapping stand and i wonder if its good  -   the name of the book is "practical feng shui"  by Simon G. Brown 

  I had it for some time and already read it  in the past , but now rediscovered it in the house and its dirty  so i can read it where i dont want to read other clean books im reading which are more important to me to read (about qigong practice and buddhism)  -  but just as a fun read to pass the time ....  but  than i wonder if i can  take some good concepts from it  on the way ,  or maybe  i can pick up  (even subconsciously) some bad advice  in case  this book has a high percentage of bad advice

So i wonder if this book is good  or maybe the advice in it is not that good but decent or maybe it is even misleading with harmful advice ?


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While I don't know about your book suggestion, I have much warranted pessimism for people trying to learn intellectual aspects of Feng Shui skills from books. You need to have energetic sensitivity and intuitition to be good at Feng Shui and not just rely on memorized rotes.


Following is what I have written about Feng Shui elsewhere and it's good advice also here:


Dr. Baolin Wu and co-author Jessica Eckstein have produced an excellent book named Lighting the Eye of the Dragon: Inner Secrets of Taoist Feng Shui. It's sold out, but you can still get used copies quite easily.


The book would be my first entry-level recommendation for anyone interested in the practical cross-section of Qigong and Feng Shui. It particularly emphasizes that in order to get proficient in Feng Shui you have to develop your own energetic sensitivity, so the book has many Qigong practices that develop that capacity.


William Bodri has also written an excellent article about the Feng Shui principles. I highly recommend reading it through: Should You Move Because of Your Feng Shui? Not Likely!


Hopefully these help you with a more in-depth perspective.

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