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Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva defying Putin

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Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva defying the Strongman System


Such character and integrity as is exemplified by Dr Vasilyeva cannot be beaten, or threatened out of a person.

It is ingrained in the fibers of their very form, a direct extension of their essence, their act of living.

It arises from the very center of their awareness and is unrelinquishable, spotless, untaintable.


The fear addicted authoritarians will have only one road of recourse due to their fear.  Discredit, silence and then kill her.

They lose in all these scenarios.  But she pays the price for their fear.  Integrity such as hers is so inspiring and the need for it is so infuriating.


Such integrity.  Such fearlessness.  She's leagues beyond them, but unfortunately, likely not beyond their reach.

I sincerely applaud her and hope those near her can run interference for her protection.  She's been speaking out for some time and should she disappear now, it would be so obvious, she may have a window of opportunity to influence the flow of events.


Such courage and character.  She gives me hope and inspires me.

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The presentation was scary and very well done. Not shocking though, since that's the way its done there.  So..sad and such bravery.  An NPR show last week talked about 3 Russian front line doctors who mysteriously fell to there deaths out of hospital windows.  -


Seems like such stupid pointless evil.  The end game of such attempted cover ups is clearly going to be more deaths.

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