Law of Attraction: Changing reality with a coin

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Hello everyone, this was a topic I looked into a month or so ago. I ended up writing about it somewhere else so I figured I'd move it here. Would love to hear opinions, even if thats criticism. Well, lets jump into it; hope you guys enjoy.

Many of you might be familiar, many not; with an idea in Western esoterica called the Law of Attraction, or rather the person behind it: Neville Goddard. However, I'm sure its sprouted out and implied in many faiths and philosophies. Regardless of the source, the general premise is that you can have anything you want by simply becoming the you that already has it. So lets say you wish for a better job, just imagine the version of you that has the better job, then shift that onto yourself believing you are now that version.

So okay... sounds simple enough and fairly interesting as well. I'm of the belief that this isn't the way, but a thorough understanding of this can be very useful. At the very least, it can at least aid you in landing into a better physical world scenario so that you can explore more... The simple idea in itself was very intriguing to me and at the time I wanted to figure out its components. While now, I admit that I'm not really messing around with it; It's still super cool.

So, I practiced and read the techniques, of which there are many. Some have to do with mirrors and jumping to different dimensions, some deal with drinking glasses of water, some with just feeling, etc... It really goes on. After familiarizing such techniques, I was able to practice with smaller things that made sense to me. Stuff like buying a stock and knowing that it will go up, Something lost returning to you because you 'know' that you've already found it, etc.

Now this left me quite a few questions:
- First off, how do these manifestations work? That was answered partially by the fact that we are infinite and reality is actually just a mirror of our perception but there is more to it. Even People who active deny this idea, which is completely fine you do you, have luck with this. Hell at the time I was messing around with this, they were having more luck with it than me!

- Secondly, why do these manifestations take time? Why is it that it may take weeks before you start to see massive sudden changes in your life? This relates to the first question.... At the time I made this post, I answered it from a scientific perspective. The real reasons are more spiritual but the science still makes sense per say.

- Thirdly, how can I  keep my belief that something is so, when my perception says otherwise (bank account is empty, etc)? How does that belief even effect reality and why is that things seem to stop shifting as soon as I lose belief? Partially that can be explained by our infinite selves and how reality is like a dream... but once again there's more to that answer

- Fourthly, this seems to tie into magic as a general principle. Now how does that work? How much of magic is purely belief?
*Note I don't practice magic in anyway, so newbie speaking here*

-And Fifthly, This seems like an awesome way to train one's belief in themselves and truly experience their infinite self before the years of meditation. Furthermore, it seems like a great philosophy to live a mundane life: "Don't chase the world, but let the world chase you". Okay, so cool... But how do I optimize it so that it makes sense not just for me, but for other beginners?


So I had been practicing with the idea of belief through the methods and in general for a month or so, and while doing so I encountered various specific issues as well as various research topics. Considering that I had no background in magic really nor any magical abilities, those research topics were all science related. It took a while but mostly out of luck... I found my hook which I could start explaining things by: Quantum Physics. Even better, there's even a concept in Quantum Physics that displays the sheer power of perception and how it can effectively place us into parallel realities. The concept I'm referring to is called "Aharonov's Sphere of Many Radii", where a time machine works by using external stimuli and mechanics to shift the time travelers perception consistently. I'll talk more about this at the end, but if you're interested I'd reccomend reading about it. I'll also talk about the Many worlds theory near the end.

I'll give a brief overview of the idea behind this method and other methods:
The only manifesting that you do in this method, is make it be so that a coin flip can decide a course of events. The rest is enforced by the coin, whether you like it or not. This means that you can manifest anything, no matter how big or small, without having to actually do the manifesting of that yourself. While you might have to give a little push to the coin... The coin does all the work. Furthermore, the coin method isn't about power. Its about understanding every component and just learning how the components somewhat work.


So here's how things will be organized. I'll state the process of the actual reality shifting/manifesting. Then I'll give my findings about why it works and other components connected to it. Then I'll briefly explain some quantum physics, though my information of quantum physics won't be too solid. Then I'll state some other methods. Then I'll share a story or two that relates to this concept.
The questions above will be answered throughout what I write, but never really specifically addressed.


Enough of the intro, here we go!:


1. Find what you want and put it in the form of a “I” state. , then find the opposite.
Ex: “I win the lottery” while the opposite would be “I lose the lottery”

Ideally, try to pick something that you don't crave or desire too much. If you really want money and you wish for money, chances are you won' get it. Desire effectively says to the world, I do not have this and it is separate from me. So be careful, do something small or something you can forget about. It also tends to be easier to do it on something you have less control over surprisingly. Like if you say I am rich for one of your states and you settle into that, and then you have doubts because you aren't doing what you would do if you were rich because you're watching tv or something then yeah... chances are your doubts will likely get in the way.

2. Then find object. Ideally a coin, but you can use other stuff.

It’s probably important to visualize a feeling with what each state would feel like as you assign each to a side but don’t worry too much because that’s just not the mechanics I’m basing this practice working on.

Ex: heads represents “I win the lottery”, tails represents “I lose the lottery”


I like to add a bit more onto each statement but I’m unsure how necessary it is. You might see why adding the extra statement is helpful though as we get further into the practice.

Ex: heads is “I will win the lottery, and if I would have not, I will now”, tails is “I will lose the lottery, and if I would have not, I will now”


3. Now once you've assigned a state to each side, try to really feel the emotions behind each state, as if it was actually you.
Ex: "I win the lottery" might represent a feeling of excitement, luckiness, maybe imagine throwing a party or two while at it. while "I lose the lottery" might be no change in life and you being somewhat dejected at the money spent. Do this for a few minutes and switch between each state, back and forth. This isn't so necessary for this practice to work but its really good practice for conscious control of perspective; I'm unsure about this, but it could also assign more significance to the coin-flip whenever its done.

On a side note, a cool exercise I read about was find a random object around you and imagine what you are like from its perspective. Could be animate or inanimate. Then from that object go to another and imagine what the object before it would be like from its perspective. You could do it with imagination or physical objects; though I find that imagination is still done. 


4. Really believe that this coin flip can change reality. Imagine that you're in a world where this coin flip does really effect reality, if only for this once.


5. Go into a dark place or prepare so you won’t be able to immediately see which side the coin has landed. The darkness, or whatever setup you have to block observation of the result will allow you to really ponder the idea of the "Principle of Complementarity" and the depth of what you're about to do.


6.Now you can flip the coin. Don’t observe the results yet, just flip it then try to understand the what's written below. If you already understand whats below, then you can just brief over the idea and continue on.

In quantum physics, all small particles ,and I'll sneakily extend this to all large objects as well because the small particles are the building blocks of the large objects, are possibility-waves. Effectively, a possibility wave is not just a single particle but all the possible places/things that particle/result could be. In the context of infinite universes (many worlds theory), this means that a possibility-wave can be literally anything. Hence the ideas of Schrodinger's cat, etc. Ex: You don't know if there's a cat in a closed box because you haven't observed what is inside the box.

Now back to your perspective: By you observing these infinite possibility waves, you have turned them into a set probability, typically meaning that you'll see a chair 100% in the corner of a room(which you also created). And the chair will always be there unless your perspective has changed, which could be through the chair being moved, an action, or a manifestation of some sort. If you're already familiar with the law of attraction, you may have heard people say that you're already constantly switching realities and manifesting; well this is what they mean, only its usually a jump for a small mundane reason. Believe what you want to believe, it's of my opinion that we create this reality because we believe that we are things and memories force a certain perspective. We allow most things to be decided by the 'universe' so they are, and we believe that we are this 'mortal body' so we are.

So effectively, awareness towards something means a loss of knowledge since you can no longer see all the things that a possibility-wave can be. I find this concept really cool because it ties into a lot of spirituality a ton, especially ideas like how we are "Brahman" (pure consciousness, awareness, infinite). This effect is called "The Principle of Complementarity". What's scary about this, is that we end up creating a feedback loop where our reality feels solid when in actuality it just isn't at all. That point that I just made, while not a scientific theory (at least known to me), is something that is spoke of again and again in spiritual texts. This reality isn't as it seems.... duh duh duh

But before we get into this lengthy topic further: What you've done already is that you've found this coin and shifted your perspective of what used to be a meaningless coin roll to a coin roll that decided the possibility-wave of your state of being. Already, what has happened now, is that you've already shifted to a basically identical reality where the results for this current coin flip decide your state of being. And now, you've flipped it... Well yikes. But the good thing is that by Quantum Physics, it remains a possibility until you observe the coin. So really, the result hasn't be decided yet. Let that sink in. What it implies is that you are not independent from the event which you observe. Even further, a reality cannot exist without an observer, and an observer cannot exist without a reality. (also brought up as subject and object, or seer and seen)

So an optional step, is for you to consider what would happen now that you're in a reality where this coin flip effects your state of being and you landed a tails. Well judging by the example, your state of being in this reality, is now doomed to be "I lost the lottery". Yikes! But consider that there's also the chance that you rolled a heads. You don't know, and if you did: that possibility of the coin flip would become a probability.


7. It might be scary now to observe the result of the coin, now that its implications are so heavy; however, I ask to you to look at it regardless. If its good, then awesome; but if its not good... Well, this is why I really like this exercise because its not just about manifestation but understanding how important your belief is. I'm encountering this issue right now as well with the encroachment towards enlightenment, as someone who believes they are bound to this body will be bound to this body, etc.

I want you to remember who gave the coin that push, its power in this reality: you did. Like a child playing a game, if things go awry you can just do it again. Nothing, and I mean nothing is stopping you from assigning that same power to the coin and repeating the flip until you get to the desired spot. You create reality, you set the rules. You are the player, rules, and referee


8. Now, I'm assuming that you have the desired coin side. That's it. Whether you believe that "I won the lottery" or not doesn't matter anymore. You shifted your reality to one where the coin had the power to change your reality. Now that the coin was flipped it moved you to another reality where it is true; that's it. Try not to dwell on it, and let things happen; and it will be true. The thing is that this works even with past events to, you just have to let change happen.


Now, If you ever want to change things again, you can flip the same/a different coin with the same process or or even now just do the manifestation directly. The purpose of the coin exercise is not to only allow easy manifestation where something else does most the work, but also serve as training wheels so you no longer need the coin. You can do this same thing by simply declaring beliefs, etc.

Here's another method: (Reddit isn't the brightest of places so be careful about that subreddit)


Well that’s it then. You completed the process. But if you want to hear further about some of my beliefs; as well as give me some pointers on places I may be wrong, read below:


I’ll go further into the concept of manifestation. Effectively, going by the many worlds theory, there are infinite realities. While the many worlds theory is very much speculation, it can’t really be disproved or proved, but hell its existence fixes a lot of paradoxes. Otherwise, consider that you are living in one of infinite realities and all the things you’ve experienced make it seem like the die of infinite realities was rolled and said you are in “reality 982”. You have this job, this lifestyle, this car, etc. But you are never stuck in 982 nor was the die ever really rolled, you’re just in 982 because you keep observing from the same perspective and therefore keep seeing the same probabilities, thus resulting in the same job, events, blah, etc. Understand that this primarily happens because our thoughts are molded by our actions, and our action modes by our thoughts.

I'm more on the spiritual standpoint now that this is all a changeless illusion, instead of the scientific. Believe whatever you want though, your life your rules; quite literally.


This behavior of actions effecting thoughts and thoughts effecting actions is just a massive feedback loop which confirms your reality. Ever wonder why the world was so much more magical when you were a kid? Well it actually was, for the very reason that your perspective wasn’t solid, it was malleable. Though i'm of the opinion that childhood wasn't really as great as we imagine it to be, this is also why most people imagine it to be so great; there was freedom in mind, not this rigid perspective day to day.


When you manifest, or do any kind of magic(I’m not really that familiar with magic so I could be wrong about this) for that matter, you’re jumping out of your usual perspective and setting a probability usually before you observe the possibility . Usually that probability is very quickly defined by your usual perspective, which turns these possibility waves ,which could be almost anything, into the same things again and again, everyday. 


But with manifestation/magic, you don’t have to know the dimension number or anything else, just one aspect of that reality. Once you make that apply that aspect to your perspective(ex I am rich), as long as you let it, your awareness will slowly shift to that reality or a reality that contains that aspect. Some people can do it through simple belief, this example uses a coin. Now that you’ve taken on that aspect onto your perspective of reality, those possibilities which used to always be the same probabilities because your old perspective, finally change a little. On scientific terms, all the possibility waves related to the ex of “I am rich” are trying to confirm the already made observation/probability that “I am rich” with time not even being a factor. So everyday ,as you observe more objects, the physical world shifts more and more on the molecular level to match your new perspective. Till boom, by 3 weeks you definitely start to notice the changes. Spiritually, I believe this is only possible because we ourselves are infinite so we have the power to change these things, The issue just lies in the fact that we’ve forgotten our infinite nature and instead take on a personal awareness which exists in cause and effect... that in itself isn’t bad, just don’t demean how special you are. But if you can’t really fathom that or don’t care too much about this philosophy, think about this: the die of infinite realities, you have the possibility to reroll it. In the case of the coin exercise, we are filtering infinity to the just realities with the choices you care about. Ex “I am rich” or “I am poor”. Pause for a moment(if you care to) and think about how massive of a scale you’re working at, with some simple thought and flipping a coin you’ve changed universes. That is your power... it’s almost inconceivable right? But it’s true.


There's actually an interesting story on this in the Yoga Vasistha, it is called The Story of the Sons of Indu (Ten Young Men). Here's most of it below:

III:86 THE SUN said: (narrating the story to Brahma to the creator):

O Lord of lords, near the holy mountain in a place known as Suvarnajata, your sons had established a colony. In that place there was a holy man known as Indu, a descendant of the sage . He and his wife enjoyed every blessing except an offspring. In order to obtain this blessing they went to and engaged themselves in severe penance, living only on a very small quantity of water. They had resorted to the state of trees and stood unmoving.

Lord Siva was pleased with their penance and, appearing before them, asked them to choose a boon from him. They prayed that they might beget ten worthy sons who would be devoted to God and righteousness. Lord Siva granted the boon.

Very soon after this, the holy man’s wife gave birth to ten brilliant and radiant sons. These boys grew up into young men; they had mastered all the scriptures even when they were barely seven years of age. After a considerable time, their parents abandoned their bodies and became liberated. The ten young men were sorely distressed at the loss of their parents.

One day they got together and asked themselves: “O brothers, what is the most desirable goal here, which is proper for us to aspire to and which will not lead to unhappiness? To be a king, to be an emperor, even to be Indra the god of heaven—all these are trivial, since even Indra rules heaven just for an hour and a half of the Creator’s life-span. Ah, therefore, the attainment of creatorship is the best for us because of all lordships it alone will not come to an end for a whole epoch.”

All the others heartily agreed with this statement. They said to themselves: “Well then, we should soon reach brahma-hood which is devoid of old age and death.”

The eldest brother said: “Please do as I tell you to do. From now on
contemplate as follows, ‘I am , Brahma, seated on a full-blown lotus’.”
All the brothers thereupon began to meditate in the following manner: “I am Brahma, the creator of the universe. The sages as also the goddess of wisdom are within me in their personal forms. Heaven is within me, with all the celestials. Mountains, continents and oceans are within me. Demi-gods and demons are within me. The sun shines within me. Now the creation takes place. Now the creation exists. Now is the time for the dissolution. An epoch is over. The night of is at hand. I have self-knowledge and I am liberated.”


Meditating thus with all their being, they became that.

THE SUN continued: III:87, 88
Lord, after that, still deeply contemplating on their intention to be the creators of the universe, the ten holy men stood in contemplation.

Their bodies had withered away and whatever was left was consumed by wild beasts. But they continued to stand there in their disembodied state, for a long long time . . . till an epoch came to a close and there was the great scorching heat of the sun and the terrible cloud-burst which destroyed everything. The holy men still continued to stand in their disembodied state, with the sole intention of becoming the creators of the universe.

At the dawn of a new creation, these men continued to stand in the same place and in the same manner and with the same intention. They became the creators. They were the ten creators whom you saw; and you saw their universes, too. Lord, I am one of the suns that shine in the universes thus created by them.

Let me know what you guys think. If you don't agree with it that's fine, I hope it was at least amusing to read.


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