Yan Xin qigong student and family goals

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Good to meet you. My husband and I  like to practice and learn about cultivation. 

The value of this community to us is it will helps us to take our practices to another level. 

Currently, I am focusing on Yan con qigong. I read the book a lot last year, we discussed it at home, however, I would like it to be more of a practice. 

Chinese medicine and metaphysics, both qigong and Taoism, Has a deep relationship with learning and helping one another. 

I know that personally and professionally I can be better as I continue to learn from others. 

since I do not have formal teachers—I had training in medical qigong in 2009, though it opened my third eye up and I had been doing my best to clear my energy field since. 


During that time in 09 I had been malnourished, depressed, angry, hurt, when qigong training began. Then it spurred on insomnia, being interactions, very vivid dreaming, and as I continued eventually thyroid deficiency, to now fertility issues. I had been seeking a practice, since through various teachers however, I may like to stick with Yan Xin. As I really connect to what he says, and feel I am elevated in Qi from learning. 

We are attempting to get Pregnant this year and could use healing :) 


I apply lots of mind-body-spirit wellness from many fields to bring my body to balance. 

I felt like after 10 ish years I was able to take more control in my dream states by learning some about dream yoga with tenzin rinopche. I am moving in a positive direction though would like support my personal health, family, and business life to an even greater degree. 

finally, I may be at a good point to start training and more seriously. 

glad to be here! 

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Welcome to the Dao Bums.  A wonderful forum to learn, discuss and cultivate.  Below are 3 important sections: Our Rules, The Insult Policy and our 3 Foundations.  Before you join give them a read. 


Most of it boils down to being respectful.  No name calling or trolling.  Post as if your mom's looking over your shoulder.  Discussion and arguments are what the board is about.  Keep it civil, don't get personal.  Don't be a troll or one issue zealot. 


We're here for good conversation and make some friend along the way, to be a community.  Jump right in, start threads asking questions, look for interesting threads and post your (relevant) thoughts. 


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Welcome.  I think most of us wish for the mate who is also interested in the esoteric spiritual arts.  I know I do, though I'm lucky to have a wife who doesn't mind the odd chanting and occasional strange trips.  I look forward to hearing more about you.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes,


Michael and the TDB team


Read and review Our Rules:



Our Insult Policy- Read it, Live it




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Hi Himazusea and welcome to the realm of Bums! Please enjoy your stay!


I hope you are on the right track to healing and successful family growth.

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