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first off, i am a backwoods hillbilly lacking education in daoist terminology or chinese language.

and my communication skill needs refined.

as a player of baguazhang ive come across some interesting tidbits of historical footnotes.

ive also experienced some interesting energetics playing along.

a few years back i was introduced to a practice set called nine palace stepping to increase internal power, develop latent abilities, and special abilities.

nine palace stepping also goes by other names; piercing the nine palaces and flying through the nine palaces are a couple. i suspect there  are other names and variations of the stepping, painting, or flying.

my purpose for starting this thread is to open up a conversation  with a focus on these energetic pathways amongst bums.

may your flights through the heavens lead you to peace and everlasting health /\ /\



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Some call it magic; the search for the grail.

The propper title of this thread perhaps should have gone by

From Yubu to Bugang and Beyond: keeping up with the times while remaining connected to the roots.


If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times; the Ancients knew everything.

Starting with Yubu, of course it reasons we look to Yu.

Aka Yu the Grreat

A very famous Ancient





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