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I am looking for energy healing modality to help my 5.5 years old non-verbal son who is on the autism spectrum. Through diets and other interventions.. I have been able to help him in calming down his obsessions, tactile sensory issues etc. I feel like there are certain blockages that are coming between his brain and mouth.He also has obvious issues with socialising etc. Over the period he has also developed a learning disability as well.  I desprately need to help him, as the reason for autism is unknown I don't want to keep experimenting with his diet and medications, instead I am looking at resolving it through taking care of the root cause.Non-believers of healing autism discourage me by saying rewiring the brain can be a very tall order. I gave Michael Mohoric's distance healing Qigong, it helped me a lot but didnt really help him. I am also planning to give Spring Forest a try. I am looking at this group full of learned people to share any good healing modalities/ names of healers who I can approach to help my son.


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Welcome.  You'll find much advice here.  Good, bad, strange & wrong.  Autism is hard.  Your cultivation of love patience heart and endurance is as important as any method or herb you can pass on to your son.  I taught kids martial arts, and for the little kids, we sat down, rolled and bounced a ball to each other and smiled.  Did alot of puppet work too.  Lots of good memories of playing with the kids with Sally the Snail.  Interactive, creative.. patience & play. 

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