Chinese Shamanism

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Chinese Shamanism is a view of the world and a way of healing, rather unlike what is know today in most modern forms of health. The Five Element Theory of Chinese medicine is the foundation of an ancient School of healing, However; In addition to the parts commonly know in the west, there are additional Key features little known by the mainstream that are still practiced by Shaman today in remote regions of China.
Lecturer. Healer, Joel Signeur reestablishes the Five Element Theory including Medical Astrology, Divination and other parts, restoring the ancient Shamanic practices. He details practical examples of experiences using the complete system with literally thousands of clients over many years. Many healings have been witnessed in this work. Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, healers of all kinds and laymen interested in how life works, have gained valuable insight and clarity that is fundamental to healing and the design of life itself. This teaching holds that:

‚󏬆A health problem generally comes from just one or two main sources, specific to each person. By finding it's root we can eliminate the illness.

‚󏬆Timing matters - Strong cycles exist that can make or break healing.

‚󏬆Natural marks on the face map the present and future. "Face and Fate are linked".

‚󏬆The internal organs interact with each other in ways beyond their obvious mechanical functions, determining the health of both body and mind.(e.g. "The liver is not just a filter.The heart is not just a pump")





Note 1: Chinese Shamanism is a very long tradition. The TCM has cut off tremendous amounts of its folkore and Shamanic roots by the Communist basically but before too as the Chinese become more intellectual.


Note 2: Anything visible or material exists in an invisible form before.


Note 3: Our modern mind is too sophisticated!!!!!! Too detached from Nature and Spirit (due to the influence of the Wood element which in turn controls the Earth.)


There was a thread on this topic with the exact link to Joel Signeur's page but it is gone now. Reviving it.


I hope it is useful to you ALL.




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