Some beginner questions coming from Kriya Tantra (Long post)

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Hi everyone, looking for some help. Sorry for the long post and ill try and section it lol.



Ive been training in Tantric Kriya yoga for about 2 months now and actually paid for a tantric massage practitioners course. Doing a step of the cobra breath every few weeks, depending on what my instructor thinks My progress is.


Then I discovered loads on this forum and techniques and faults with kundalini and mco, plus more information until my brain has exploded lol. Im not trying to rush into anything and I know it will take some time in taoist practices. Being new to energy feeling and systems too.


My experience so far:

Ive had a few full body orgasm experiences, but only had done to me by different Dakini’s/tantrica, not by myself. It was solid proof to me that there is more out there and got me interested in learning “energy” “stuff.”


Ive been practicing to full body orgasm. I havent been able to do it yet, but Im starting to separate orgasm from ejaculation and feeling the energy move up and being more sensitive to it.




So having read a good few threads in here it seems like the mco taught in tantric circles is different to what daoist do. Heres a quick quote by voidisyinyang: 

“Essentially the MCO works on one level by linking the breath and mind together through visualization - and hence it's a tantra practice.


But on the other hand the advanced real MCO relies on first filling up the lower tan tien with yin qi energy (yang jing) - and that requires Emptiness focus as the foundation of the practice.”



1.) As I shouldn’t start with MCO, how should I start? How did you start? What is your lineages outline and beginner techniques? Looking for different examples and there road map - like this post I saw about Dao Zhen and there roadmap: 


A.) Laying Foundation - 100 days

B.) Incubation - 1 year. 

C.) Journey through the Big Pass - 7 days

D.) Nursing the Infant - 3 years

E.) Facing a Wall - 9 years”


Should I start with unblocking energy paths and moving energy down/grounding it before raising it like recommended by Bruce Frantzhis?


“In neigong the systems capacity is increased by developing the downward current of energy. This clears out blockages  and strengthens the system to be able to hold more energy when the current rises upwards.” 


Culvitating chi in the LDT? I dont know how to go forward with converting Jing to Chi in LDT?

Some places say to start with Inner smile and 6 healing sounds? 

I like to know a rough step by step process or outline. Otherwise Id be the type to jump into kundalini incorrectly lol. Should I carry on doing the visual MCO I was practicing?



2.) How does energy / jing/ chi/ & also sexual energy move In the body? 

Does energy only move just up the governing vessel and back down the Ren mai?

Or does it move up and around or down in different directions and flows? 

When I was experiencing the full body orgasms from a tantric massage, the tanrika was stroking me upwards from the pelvic, chest to my forehead, shoulders etc. Not up from my spine and back down the front.



3.) Is the sexual energy that builds up to full body orgasms and energy non ejaculatory orgams related to Jing/ Chi/ Shen / MCO or Kundalini rising? ying/yang energy?


My instructor said that a full body orgasm like the one I had done by a dakini can be a side effect of kundalini rising? 

Even though it was  acupuncture, de armouring and then Tantric massage followed by a lingham massage.

But taoist also speak about full body orgasms and so does mantak chia. So what energy is this that builds up to non ejaculatory  orgasm?



4.) I was wondering if practicing full body orgasms and sex without ejaculation would effect my cultivation of chi and lower dan Tien work? Atm the more i do it and practice I feel like I could feel sensations and enegry moving around my body and learning the start of my erotic sensations and energy.


Atm I am practicing separating orgasm from ejaculation, while feeling the sensations and energy around my body.

I would be ejaculating around every 10-14 days. 

Ive felt a stronger presence in my lower dan tien area int he mornings since not ejaculating often. 

Ive also read its dangerous to do full body orgasms until i can circulate the energy around afterwards? But nothing like that in Tantra apart from the visual MCO exercise they do. Unless its something I haven’t learn yet.


Thank you and hope I made some sense with the questions.

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